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Mr Bear’s Moustache Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner

Website:   Head to Mr Bear Family


Price when purchased:  £6.00 + postage 


Delivery feedback:  Good communications and quick delivery, well packaged with a nice hand written note
Container type/size:  20ml push fit tin. 

Aroma:  Nice subtle citrus with a hint of beeswax


Very easy to apply, using the push forward bulldozer method to get a good scrape of wax on the thumb about the size of a cooked rice grain.  The wax is a nice light colour and soft once in contact with the heat from your fingers.  I prefer to use the crayoning technique as I feel you get a better spread and loose less hair, which is critical to handlebar survival.  Using  my Kent moustache comb and the hairdryer I was able to evenly spread the wax and shape into style.  A quick blast with the dryer on cool to set and the job was done.  All in all very easy to use.


A firm wax that offers great flexibility but retains a great hold, I would happily drive at 50mph with the windows down!

This is a really nice wax, well thought out in terms of ingredients by Mr Bear, who clearly understands facial hair and crucially the use of quality natural ingredients. The lid on the tin does appear a bit loose but it doesn’t fall off, its a push fit and I think I would prefer a screw cap but that’s my preference as the wax was in good condition, the logo is great and I was pleased to find a couple of stickers too, the ingredients listing shows a product with integrity.  The other products on the site all follow the same ideals, good and solid, no frills products that I am certain will perform as well as this wax, Mr bear has a range of products I would trust based only on my favourable experience of this wax.  I cannot vouch for darker moustaches but this product disappeared into my fair hairs and showed no signs of clumping.  I found eating and drinking a real pleasure as the hairs stayed where I wanted them and this was true all day, even after running around the sunny park with my daughter.  I loved the fact that it held well but felt so natural, unlike some products that leave you feeling like you have glued a yard broom to your upper lip I was confident and comfortable wearing this wax and was not aware of the need to keep checking my face.  It washed out well and left the hairs feeling soft which I put down to the lanolin which is my favourite thing for a natural and healthy looking moustache and something I will write up very soon.  This is a great wax if you like a natural look, give it a try and tell them I sent you.



FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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2 Responses

  1. Adrian says

    That`s a great review, could you do it without a dryer?

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Thanks Adrian, the answer is yes you could but the results won’t be as good in my opinion

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