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Dot and Dash Moustache Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner

Website:  The Etsy store is here

Price when purchased:  will add later

Delivery feedback:  Lovely communications and speedy delivery that was well packaged

Container type/size:  Screw cap tin, 20ml


This has a lemon scent that is if anything a little light but occasionally you get a lovely waft of fresh clean lemon which is perfect because the world does not smell of lemons and we would be confused if that was all we could smell right?  I did get another smell too, either the petrolatum or the beeswax, not unpleasant but just there. *edit* I just asked my beautiful wife what she though the smell was and she nailed it “citronella” well done wife.


A very easy wax to apply, its nice and soft from the tin and a good scraping can be had with little effort, it goes into the hairs easily and I used the hair dryer on low heat to comb through.  Some residue was left on the comb and fingers but nothing major and I did get a bit of clumping under my nose on the first try on styling, but it combed out and I was able to shape and set the style nicely with not too much faff only having to rework my wayward fangs. It held curls well and also pulled of a more natural look on the second day of wear.


The wax holds really well for a seemingly soft wax out of the tin, my 50 mph drive with the window down gave it no bother at all and I was still stylishly groomed when I reached my destination


This was a wax I simply had to try out, given my surname is Morse it practically has my name on it, well almost.  Its was made by a couple when the husband tired of not being able to find a wax to suit him, they offer a sandalwood  too but I have not tried it yet. The ingredients list is short- Petrolatum, Beeswax, Etheric fragrance of lemon(I had no idea what Etheric meant but I believe it means “from ether” this could be the citronella scent)  I enjoyed this wax and it gave me very nice results and was easy to use, in fact if you need to save time but want to  have style then this could be a wax you might like.  I love the little presentation box it comes in, very well presented and  a nice touch with  a stylish design that I find rather appealing and dare I say comforting for reasons I cant quite fathom. It washed out well but I did feel that my moustache was a little dry however I cannot rule out that it might be due to me not using my favoured lanolin for a few days while I trial the various waxes I have and the weather has been warm lately. In summary Dot and Dash wax is a good honest product made by lovely people and that loveliness shows in the wax, it does exactly what you wish a grooming aid to do and you can do it with confidence and just maybe it will deter mosquitoes as a little bonus too, what more do you need?

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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2 Responses

  1. Wes says

    Great review as always, Stu.
    I did notice a few older reviews while I was looking around this morning. As a full-beard wearer, I must say….the handlebar looks better stand-alone. Great either way, mind you, but still…..

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Hey Wes, thanks for having a deeper look on the site. I also believe a handlebar should stand proud but it took me a while to loose the crutches as it were. That said a full beard with a styled handlebar does look great too.

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