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1740 Handmade – Beard Balm

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
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Website: Visit the 1740 Handmade website here 1740handmade.storenvy.com/

Price when purchased:   £5.99

Delivery feedback: Very well packaged and the balm arrived very quickly from overseas

Container type/size:  2 oz push fit metal tin


Its peppermint all the way here, a truly wonderful fresh scent that really lifts your mood.  It’s a feel good, give you a bit of pep type smell, hang on is that where that saying comes from pep..peppermint?  I don’t know to be honest but just to amuse me can we all just believe that it is and speak no more of it haha.  The aroma is so pleasant I find myself wanting to sniff my moustache, this of course looks odd and so I settle for sniffing the tin.  After the initial peppermint pep up the scent does linger but is not overpowering enough to bring tears to your eyes, just a gentle clean and comforting smell.  1740 Handmade have nailed this element of the product, it’s a beauty!


As this is a beard balm and not the usual wax I tend to use, it’s very soft and so the application couldn’t be simpler.  It’s like a firm butter and with no effort I got a very usable amount which softens to an almost oil like substance at your fingertips.  It’s not greasy though and slides effortlessly into the hairs leaving them feeling silky and soft.  As always I style with the hairdryer prior to using any product and so with the shape already set I pulled this balm through using just my fingers.  There was no sign of clumping and it settled into the moustache well,  for those bearded chaps I can foresee that you would have no issue either, it’s an absolute pleasure to apply.  It’s a well put together mix of beeswax, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and of course the peppermint oil and the balance is the key to how easy this is to use.


I can’t really compare this to a moustache wax in terms of hold as this is a product designed to tame a beard but also to condition. As such it cannot be too heavy like a wax but have the ability to gently coat each hair and not to stick things together, something it does perfectly.  This is the perfect product if you want your facial hair to look natural, as my pictures show my moustache has volume and yet there is enough support there to keep things securely in place.  In a beard I  would imagine that this will give a bit of weight to the hairs but just enough to eliminate the fuzzyness.  Its a really good product for moustache and beard if you like to look natural and well worth a try.


With the hold taken care of the other elements of a beard balm need covering, health and softness.  I felt that this product fared well here too, a lovely softness and my moustache felt very silky smooth when wearing it.  Once washed out I noticed a definite softness to my hairs, which are generally well looked after anyway.  When it came to washing I had no qualms at all, just a simple wash with the Urban Beard Shampoo was enough.

I’ve not used many beard balms but I will be seeking more on the strength of this as I do think that they offer something for the moustache wearer also.  The 1740 Beard Balm has a great smell, softens and cares for your facial hair and its also well priced too in my opinion, I advise you give it a try.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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