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1740 HandMade – Moustache Wax

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Website:  The 1740 Handmade moustache wax can be yours from the store here

Price when purchased:   £6.00

Delivery feedback:   I received this some time ago along with the beard balm and it was well packaged

Container type/size:  2 oz petal push fit tin


This has the same scent as the lovely peppermint beard balm and so I don’t need to go into too much detail here.  It’s very well balanced not too strong and does enough to leap at you to get your attention but not so much that it knocks you out.  I love peppermint as it has a great invigorating effect and this is true enough of the 1740 Moustache wax.  The scent lingers nicely and is refreshing and a joy to have right under your nose.


In the tins it’s a firm but not solid wax and so it comes out with relative ease, if a little flaky with the back of your nail.  Once its in your finger tips its softens very quickly and becomes workable and pliable and forms into a well behaved little ball.  Once crayoned across the hairs I used the hairdryer to gently heat and comb through to ensure there were no lumps.  It coats the hairs well and feels very nice and was not greasy.  Once the wax was distributed I pulled a relaxed curl on day one and went for it a bit more on subsequent days.  The wax blends in nicely and allows for gentle styling in the centre and a bit firmer towards the tips.


I think this has to be listed as a medium hold wax, it worked well if used lightly in the centre and kept hairs out of my mouth with ease but I did find that towards the end of the day the curls began to droop and come apart.  I think its very well suited to a natural sweeping look as opposed to a full on hardcore styling, it would also suit the slightly shorter younger moustache too.


The 1740 Handmade Moustache wax is a very nice product, its well blended using great natural ingredients and feels lovely and light with the hairs feeling quite soft and makes them appear healthy rather than coated with gunk.  If you want a daily wax that does just enough to tame the hairs then this is worth looking into.  I had no issue washing it out either which can be an issue with some products and as such I found the whole trail period an enjoyable one.  Go give 1740 Handmade a look, there’s some other goodies there but I’ll let you find them for yourself.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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