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The 1740 range is a firm favourite here at HirsuteforHappiness HQ (my face) in the past I have reviewed the moustache wax and the beard balm and ever since the development of the oils I have been keen to try them.  Mike the creator contacted me and asked what scent I would prefer and I wasn’t sure as on paper all of the scents look good.  There is a coffee infused scent range which I haven’t tried as I don’t really enjoy the smell of coffee, but the Fresh Cut was more for me to compliment the excellent Peppermint original.

As you can see from the pictures there is a rather special bottle on offer, a cool brushed metal hip flask as well as the regular strong blue glass bottle which comes with a handy dropper for easier oil distribution.  While we talk of getting the oil on evenly what better way than a personalised wooden comb and seeing some of the designs Mike can pull off they are certainly worth looking into.

Ingredients – Grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, cedarwood, fir needle and lime essential oils

The oils are thin and light in colour which means that when you distribute it about your face forest it goes on easy and can be spread out, this works well with just your fingers but combing through will help things along too.  The pipette allowed me to coat enough each finger and thus apply simply, the hip flask presented an initial question about how best to apply but I’ve come up with something.  I found that blocking the open top with my index finger then allowing a minimal flow onto the opposite hand’s fingers as if you are painting them with oil really helped.  I might try to get a video of this but I need a third hand so until I become a mutant or cajole my wife into filming duty you’ll have to guess. The beard oil absorbs quickly and is excellent after a shower too giving the hairs a nice coating and silky feel.

Softness There is an initial feeling of softening to the hair and the base oils feel nice as they work into the skin.  The known benefits of the carrier oils are primarily to help with dry and inflamed skin, which I don’t suffer with, so I didn’t notice anything of a revelation in using these products but I have heard from a number of followers on facebook that these oils have really helped their flaky beard issues.  The Peppermint variety does offer a nice tingle after application but this dies off leaving your skin feeling invigorated though and for that reason felt a little nicer in my opinion.

Shine – These oils really come into their own offering a delightful sparkle that lasts well into the day and seemed to really highlight the lighter hairs.  It certainly gives the appearance of a healthy beard and moustache and I did get a number of comments of how shiny my face was!

Scent – The Peppermint is every bit as good as it is in the balm, which you might have bothered to read but if not I shall copy and paste “Its peppermint all the way here, a truly wonderful fresh scent that really lifts your mood.  It’s a feel good, give you a bit of pep type smell, hang on is that where that saying comes from pep..peppermint?  I don’t know to be honest but just to amuse me can we all just believe that it is and speak no more of it haha.  The aroma is so pleasant I find myself wanting to sniff my moustache, this of course looks odd and so I settle for sniffing the tin.  After the initial peppermint pep up the scent does linger but is not overpowering enough to bring tears to your eyes, just a gentle clean and comforting smell.  1740 Handmade have nailed this element of the product, it’s a beauty” and it transfers perfectly into the oil.  The Fresh Cut scent is a solid woody scent, the cedarwood and fir needle are a great combination and it does certainly have the evocative aroma of wood that has just been cut.  Interestingly there is also scent of dry grass in there too but all the time the lime is hinting to you that it’s in the mix and so makes the Fresh Cut rather enjoyable.  It’s a clean refreshing smell but I also find it very relaxing too and will often wear this one in the evening.

Its worth noting that I have been using care products daily for 18 months now and so I didn’t notice anything new in using these oils but as I said previously many others have had great results with these oils in alleviating itchiness and flaky skin.  So if that’s your bearding issue then have a look at the 1740 Beard Oil, get some balm and wax too and why not chuck in a comb.



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2 Responses

  1. Sergio Guillen-Pantoja says

    I use the Fresh Cut (in the hip flask, very good for carrying it in your trouser pocket for applying on the go) and the scent, though subtle, is very nice. Very good oil.

    They also have a balm with lanolin that I’m using on the evening before bed and it’s fantastic, you’ve got to try it, Stu.

    You’re my go-to web for moustache and beard reviews :-)

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Hey Sergio, I have heard great things about the balm actually and I have it in my sights. I’m pleased to here you enjoy the website and thank you for commenting

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