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Lockharts Peppermint Moustache Wax

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Please visit the store here and take a look at the other products on offer. If you place an order use the code HIRSUTE and you will receive $2 off your order which is a most gracious offer.

Price when purchased:  £5.30 plus shipping

Delivery feedback:

Great communications from Steve, very helpful.  The wax arrived quickly and was well packaged, with a small note from Steve himself

Container type/size:  1 oz push tin


Wowee now this has a scent, the moment I opened the package I was engulfed in a glorious peppermint cloud.  I was concerned that it might be overpowering under my nose but it was a worry I needn’t have.


Included with the wax was a very nice guide on application, great if you don’t know how best to apply.  I used my standard method which is very similar and the results were more than satisfactory.  I was able to get a good scraping with little effort and the wax warmed well in the hands, I  didn’t notice any smearing or traces on my fingers once I had applied to the hairs.  It went in easily and the moment the peppermint wax hit my face it was like the skin was singing.  The styling was easy and it set really well.


This stuff held up to pretty hot day, from the moment I left the house I was happy with the feel of my moustache, firm and confident yet totally natural


This is a great wax, I cannot put across to you how impressive the scent is, it is wonderful!  I am certain that this wax could help those with sinus problems its the perfect wake up smell and invigorating beyond words.  Then you apply it to your face and it zings, yes zings not sings and if you close your eyes you will envisage an angelic chorus with little fat babies playing harps going “aaaaaah aaaaaa aaaah aaaaaah aaaahh” like the bit in Little Mermaid where she is singing on the beach and then your wife walks in and you turn wide eyed and at the top of your lungs shout “SMELL MY FACE!!”  and over she comes and inhales your face and with a look of awe says “oooh minty!”  Today will be a good day indeed! We should all start our day this way, it would make for a happier human race I think. I will say the smell does die off so you don’t think the world smells like mints but on occasion you will get a refreshing bouquet.

The rest of the day was a breeze too, I had a family barbecue and the wax not only held well in the heat of a glorious summers day but also enabled me to eat my food, often tricky with substantial facial hair with almost no issues at all.  I didn’t feel the need to primp at all and when I washed the wax out which was quite easy my moustache felt great.  All in all this is a great wax made by a lovely chap who clearly gets it, head off and say I sent you.  If you visit the Store and show your support for Steve and mention you came from here that would be great, there are some new great products in the pipeline too so watch this space and his space.

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3 Responses

  1. Phil says

    All the Lockheart’s products are amazing. Their goon great pomade is the best. Have yet to try out the moustache wax

  2. Tom Kenyon says

    A fellow handlebar wearer allowed me to try some of his Lockhart’s a while back, and I found it to be just as amazing as Stu reported it is. Immediately upon returning home I ordered a couple of tins. It needs to be pointed out that while it is still the same great wax, it no longer smells like peppermint! After I got over my disappointment, I decided that the current Vanilla aroma is very nice, still long lasting but not overpowering. Lockhart’s is still near the top of my list, but if I ever find any of the old Peppermint ones, I’m buying them all…….

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Hey Tom , thanks for reporting your findings. It’s been a very long time since I used Lockharts and was not aware they had dropped the peppermint. If you check back on Monday there will be a review of a wax that might satisfy your minty addiction

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