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London Jack’s Reem Moustache Wax

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The wax can be purchased here

Price when purchased:

£4.97 plus postage

Delivery feedback:

Prompt delivery and good communications from the vendor

Container type/size:  10g pocket friendly tin


A very pleasing natural smell


A nice soft wax to work with, very easy to extract from the tin with a simple push with your fingernail.  I was impressed with the feel, not greasy considering how soft it is, application to the moustache was OK but due to the softness a bit too much went into the centre hairs straight away and I was left with very little to apply to the tips.  This in turn left me with a bit of clumping under my nose which looked unsightly, however with the use of the hairdryer and a fine comb I was able to spread the wax well getting the tips covered.  The hairs felt soft but yet firm, the styling was relatively easy.


I would say this wax has a moderate hold, easily strong enough for a standard day at work.  One of my tips did droop but that is the nature of my moustache not a reflection on the wax.


I think this a nice little wax to have in your toolbox, the small tin size and softness means it would be perfect for those that need the security of carrying their wax and it would be good if you need a top up while on a night out perhaps.  One thing I really like about this wax is how natural the styling was allowing my moustache to retain volume and maximum bushiness.  Often waxes reduce the volume because the hairs stick together but this didn’t seem to be the case here. On the second day of use I managed to apply the wax much more effectively, no clumping and a nice even spread as a new product takes a while to figure out sometimes.  The weather was quite hot too but the wax held out really well, I had no issue with hairs in my mouth or with the separation I have had of my fangs from the rest of the moustache.  If I had to pick a downside it would be  I’m not sure it would manage the more extreme styles but  it would be a nice wax for the beginner or those with a smaller moustache as it was very easy to style with.  Head to the Etsy store linked above and say hi from me.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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