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Boston Beard Works Stache Stick

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
stache stick (5)

Website:  The Etsy store can be found here

Price when purchased:  £5.96 for 3 sticks

Delivery feedback:  Very prompt delivery and great communications, a pleasure to deal with

Container type/size:  Pocket friendly Tache Twister stick, think lipsalve!


I only have the cinnamon scent as it was kindly offered for free, the other scents of pi-stache-io and barbershop cherry sound very appealing indeed.  Back to the cinnamon however, I will say this is a beautiful strong scent, spicy and refreshing and gives a real nice warming feel, ideal for the approaching colder months ahead.  It may be strong but its not a negative point, I really enjoyed it and every time you touch your tash you get a great waft of this lovely aroma, it certainly earns the “smell my face” status.


I shall dispense with the  normal application review here as I don’t think it would be fair to judge this wax against others in that way as the technique and use is different.  The strength of this wax is its handy pocket size meaning that its the absolutely perfect way to wax on the move and though you could use it as a regular wax it fairs better being versatile.  If you happen to run out of time in the morning for your normal routine, you can sweep down the stairs while getting dressed, sprint to the train and still be safe in the knowledge that you can still save the tash.  Its handy dispenser means that you can lightly smear it on, aided by the heat of your pocket and comb through.  Its also perfect as a top up to your curls.


This boasts a pretty strong hold and easily stands up against the 50mph windows down drive test.  My curls were pretty solid all day despite the damp weather and strong winds, I did have a couple of wayward lip hairs intent on creeping into my mouth but I’ve had far far worse on occasion and was not bothered by it.


The first time I used this wax I was a bit gung-ho with the application resembling something of a pantomime dame slathering her lipstick on, this was a mistake!  I had no control over how the wax spread and it was back to the drawing board.  I took it far gentler and was surprised with the ease the second time around and this is the key to getting this wax to work for you.  Start off really light and of course if you need to reapply or touch up then you have the handy pocket friendly stick that you can whip out and work with.  Its great for those that want to just pull the tips together or set the curls too and the smell is a wonderful change to the usual scent that seem to be the main on offer, you will love it.  Please do visit the store above and say hi from me.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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