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80 Beards – Castaway Beard Oil

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Next up we have the 80 Beards Castaway beard oil and just like buses it seems that you wait an eternity for a hip flask beard oil and then what should happen but two come along at once! If you aren’t quite sure what I am on about then you may want to look at the previous beard oil review, two cool hip flasks in my collection for me so ner! Tim Humble connected with me on Facebook and asked if I would like to receive the Castaway oil, he is not only the man behind the brand but the owner of a truly remarkable beard too which you can oggle on the 80beards website plus he is behind the Wayfaring Beardsmen group on Facebook. 80beards, why 80beards?  It seems a strange yet familiar term doesn’t it? I was intrigued and asked Tim about the brand name and its delightfully simple and extremely exciting.  The brand is all about serving the active adventurous beardsman with products that he can carry with him on his travels and use whenever he needs, the 80 Beards comes from an idea to create a huge recreational pursuit for 80 bearded men to travel thus 80 beards around the world,  all experiencing cultures and events and having a blast.  It’s a big and bold dream but what a dream to have, we will check in with Tim for more about this when it happens. So he certainly has his feet firmly in the facial hair world but can he make a beard oil?

The beautiful and dinky pocket friendly hip flask is a very stylish design and the brushed stainless steel not only looks great but is very tactile too. It is crested with an easy screw cap that is adorned with a little charm in the shape of a coconut palm tree and this signifies the scent, (there’s  a new one in the pipeline) a nice little touch.  The bottle itself comes in a small bag which made me think that it had a nice little sleeping bag to keep it cosy on its travels with the information card securely inside.  So presentation and packaging wise there is a great deal of attention to detail and the result is a build up in anticipation of the oil and getting it on your face which I’m pleased to say is a positive experience.

Ingredients – a base of coconut, argan and jojoba oil, lime, classic coconut, and smoky west indian sandalwood.

To apply the oil it’s a simple affair, quick few drops on each finger by up turning the bottle and then a liberal rub about the old bristles and you can feel the oil getting to work.  The oil is clear in colour and of a nice consistency allowing it to absorb quickly rather than sit on the surface, once your face fuzz is coated stand back and take a look, yup looks good.

Softness – almost instantly the hairs feel better, but of course bare in mind I have a pretty full on care routine and my hairs are in pretty good order,  so if you are new to using oil this may feel even better for you.  The hairs feel silky and smooth and I do actually find myself stroking the beard a lot when I wear this oils so I think that subconsciously I know its softer. Not only is there a subtle softening but I also noticed that the hairs seemed to stand a little more giving the appearance of greater volume and a larger beard.

Shine – The combination of ingredients work very nicely to give the beard and moustache a healthy appearance, its a subtle sparkle on my darker beard but my lighter moustache really seems to pop and dazzle when I’m wearing this oil

Scent – So given we have coconut in here it’s certainly no surprise that the aroma is a sweet one and the coconut does rule the roost so to speak, however there is a very refreshing zing from the lime which brings images of summer, oh distant summer, of sunsets and long drinks.  However it’s not finished there as the West Indian Sandalwood (Amyris,) which isn’t used overmuch sadly, seems to ground the sweetness in a nice dry wood element.  The aroma has legs too lasting well into your day and is clean, fresh and invigorating that suits well to daytime use.

To summarise here we have a well executed blend that in my experience is better suited to the guy who wants to improve his beard size, the scent is also very pleasing and so you might get the odd request from certain people to stroke and sniff you, not a bad thing at all really.  If you are interested in the beard oil or the 80beards happenings then click on the website link above and say hi to Tim for me.  While you are at the website I advise that you sign up for the newsletter too because I am privy to some big plans!

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