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Some time ago I was bouncing around on Instagram following various hashtags,  doing this you can go from a tin of moustache wax, to a tattoo artist, trainers to cats, dogs in jumpers to hair braids.  It’s a fun and enjoyable pastime and given time you will stumble across something rather remarkable that stops you in your tracks, this is my reason for putting this post together.  I found a great post from @the_gingerbeard which is the feature image of this post and from this I bounced on to the feed of wonder that belongs to @repakalle.  I have followed her ever since and its been rather amazing to see her art improve even in a relatively short space of time, I really struggle to draw and so have complete respect for anyone gifted with such talent, below is a small selection of some of @repakalle’s work but I thought it might be nice to get to know the lady behind the art and so here is a little conversation we had…


Me:  I found your drawings on Instagram some time ago, I think it was the @gingerbeard picture and was blown away by it.  Have you studied art or have any qualifications?

@repakalle:  Oh I love that drawing! My best! No I self taught . I hade som classes in art in high school but that’s all. 

 Me:  So there must have been a time when you weren’t actively drawing if so what made you take it up again?  Or have you always done a little bit of drawing from time to time?

@repakalle: No its been over four years since I was actively drawing.  I became single this year and when I moved to my new apartment I found all my drawing material, and I just got that spark for it again

Me:  I see, was it a way of getting through that breakup? A lot of great art whether it be music writing or painting seems to come from tough experiences, or were you just able to have more time to draw?

@repakalle: Both I think in the beginning a draw to have something else to think about and it help me allot to find myself again 

Me:  So what was the first thing you sat and decided to draw?

@repakalle: I have always liked to draw men . I think Johnny cash was my first drawing when I stared again 

Me:  Not a bad place to start I guess, did you find it easy to draw again and was it easy or did you think you needed to practice more?

@repakalle: Lots and lots of practise ! I’m still learning . But I could feel that I still had an eye for it

Me:  I imagine that you waited before you were confident before you put them on Instagram, were you nervous of other people’s reactions?

@repakalle: I’m still nervous every time I post a drawing ! And I don’t mind critics I sure need that some time but I don’t think anyone has giving me that yay haha. I post everything a draw . I notice the drawing that are popular and not . 

Me:  I think it’s really brave but then when I write something for my website I am always conscious that someone might not like it, but like you that has not happened yet, I guess we are both awesome hahaha.  I am envious of anyone that can draw, I struggle to work out which end of the pencil is best.  What tips would you give someone wanting to start out?

 @repakalle: We are so awesome :)  tip I think the best tip is that you really most have passion for it and believe in your self. Good material and time! 

Me:  With reference to material you use charcoal, why is that?

@repakalle: As I only drawing portrait charcoal makes it’s powerful and deep . I like black and white drawings not to many colours. But I do love to put some colours in the beard sometimes an eye it depends who I draw :)

Me:  I have to agree with you there, your skill I think is your ability to capture the mood and emotion of the subject but do you draw only from photographs?

@repakalle: Yes I still do that . That’s my weakness so far . And no one wants to model for me haha . 

Me:  I don’t see that as a weakness, you are able to bring life to a still image I think.  If you are happy to pay for me to fly over I will pose for you hahaha.  So let’s get onto the theme of your drawings, bearded men are of course awesome and majestic and able to intimidate bears but what is your fascination with them?  Or is it that you cannot draw chins hahaha?

@repakalle: Haha one day I might do that 😉 haha I honestly don’t now I started with one and now I can’t stop . Beard men are more interesting beautiful and more if a challenge . Tattooed guys works to like jimmy q :)

Me:  so a bearded tattooed man is your ideal man?  Or ideal man to draw?

@repakalle: both !

Me:  you realise you have just crushed the hearts of many clean shaven un-inked men.  I can hear them crying now poor chaps hahaha Personally I think you should concentrate on diversifying, like maybe blonde moustached men from the uk 😉  So in the early days did you find guys to draw and ask them, has that changed now and are people now approaching you to draw them?

@repakalle: Oh i have ! Haha. Yes in the early day I asks  them i still do sometimes . But it’s different now everybody want me to draw them haha. But I have to say no sometimes  it still have to be a challenge for me when I draw people :)

 Me:  That must be a great feeling knowing that you are in demand.  What do you class as a challenge?

@repakalle: Oh so hard to explain I know when I se I pic like the one on the_gingerbeard :) 

Me:  that man is a fine specimen and it’s definitely one of my favourite pictures that you have done, what is the hardest part for you to draw?

@repakalle: Eyes and hands and girls haha 

Me:  I’ve not seen many (any) bearded girls but you must promise to draw one of you ever find her hahaha. Do you have a long term plan for your drawings, a book maybe?

@repakalle: Hm I haven’t thought that far yet . But would be pretty cool

Me:  I’d buy it.  How many drawings have you done now? Also on average how long does a drawing take you?

@repakalle: 40 drawing maybe I sold some off to :) one drawing takes from 2h -15 h


It’s hard to believe that these wonderful drawings can be completed in such a short space of time @repallake is currently challenging herself by drawing smaller pictures which shows that there is always the opportunity to improve yourself and learn new skills.  I hope you go to visit her Instagram feed and show her some support.

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