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Apothecary 87 – Poweful Moustache Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner


Website:       www.apothecary87.co.uk/

Price when purchased:    £8 plus postage

Delivery feedback:   Great communication from Apothecary87 and the item arrived quickly.

Container type/size:  15ml glass jar


Sandalwood and vanilla, might not sound like much but what a revelation this combination is.  Here we have a wonderfully well balanced aroma that is sweet but has earthly roots and it is such a refreshing change from the tried and tested scents. I lost count of the number of people I asked to smell it but everybody loved it.  Apothecary 87 have certainly created a beautiful aroma here and under your nose it’s an absolute joy, it’s not over the top but it I was more aware of this scent than many of the others I have had the pleasure of wearing.  I put this down to the fact that it really is well put together, there is little else going on to complicate it, the other ingredients are the structural components in the form of white beeswax and castor oil and have little impact on the smell.


From the jar this is very easy to work with, as always I use the nail push as opposed to the scrape to build up a wax shaving on the back of my nail and roll this into a small ball.  The Apothecary wax responds very well to body heat and as a result it is soft and easy to use with no extra effort required.  I then used the crayoning technique to lightly spread the wax across my moustache and there was nothing to worry about at all.  This wax I found worked very well on the tips and allowed for a good tight curl without too much persuasion needed from the hairdryer.  It coated the hairs well and was not too greasy or tacky and was simple to set using the cold setting on the hairdryer.


This is a tough one to summarise because this wax does have a good level of hold, in fact it held the tight curls in perfect symmetry for the entire day, but I did notice it struggled to hold my centre hairs though but then most waxes do due to the density and length of hair in that area.  I have said it before but I do feel that my moustache is at the limits of the capabilities of wax and so this is not a slight on this product at all.  I can comfortably confirm that this holds well and even in the poor excuse for weather we have in my part of the UK it was subjected to high winds and rain and the moustache held well.


If I had to sum this up in one word it would be erm impossible, the scent alone is really hard to do justice, it is that good.  A unique smell that at times reminded me of Turkish Delight but not in a sickly overpowering way.  It’s a resounding hit with everyone that has given either the jar or my face a sniff, the latter being restricted to my wife and my children. I loved wearing this and I held my head high, its an invigorating product that definitely has a positive effect. Of course a moustache wax can’t just smell nice otherwise it would be a candle with no wick, it needs to be able to hold your hairs in place and again we have no issue here.  I think this is a perfect product for someone starting out in waxing their moustache, its ease of use is another of its strong points.  So if you need a medium holding wax that is easy to use with a truly remarkable scent then I suggest you go and join the #manclub at Apothecary 87 and let them know I sent you.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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