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Arthur Mack’s HandCrafted- Beard Balm

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
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Website: You can get the Beard Balm from the store here

Price when purchased: £12.00

Delivery feedback: This was sent by Arthur Mack’s for me to review, well packaged with a nice little note too.

Container type/size: 30ml is shown on the website in a jar and I think my screw cap tin is about the same.


This happens to be the signature scent from Arthur Mack’s, cedarwood and peppermint and I love both of those as individuals.  So putting them together had me very excited and I was most pleasantly surprised indeed when I opened the sealed envelope.  Peppermint filled my nostrils, lovely fresh peppermint with a hint of a cedarwood base note that is even better under your nose than in the tin and its a joy in the tin too.  It certainly is a stronger nose filler from the peppermint but you will notice a light “something” every now and then when you wear it from the cedarwood.  It’s a lovely refreshing and invigorating aroma that lasts well into the day and I had a lovely smile on my face whenever I got a whiff.


It’s a very nice and soft product and very easy to extract from the tin, I’d liken it to a very light soft wax, which warms very quickly in your fingers allowing for a very easy application.  It feels a bit like butter as you apply it but without the greasiness and coats the hair well.  I used the comb to make sure it got everywhere I needed it but didn’t need the hairdryer because the product is forgiving in its application.  I noticed no tugging or pulling and for those using this in a beard, which is what it’s really designed for, I am certain you will find it a pleasure to finger through your beard getting a nice even coating easily.  When it comes to setting a style I have to be honest the first efforts left me wanting a little but on subsequent applications I had much more luck enabling a good curl to be had so its worth experimenting.


When it comes to hold its important to remember that a beard balm has a completely different set of requirements to meet compared to a moustache wax.  For a wax needs to be stiff and work across gravity whereas a beard balm needs to be softer and work with gravity allowing beard to shape downwards.  So to say this didn’t hold my moustache like a wax is unfair as it’s not its primary function.  What this balm does do is pull the hairs into a shape and hold them rather well, the hairs on the whole stayed where I set them with greater success in the centre keeping my mouth free of moustache for the full day.  In the curls it worked well but only due to me creating the style first with the hairdryer and the fact that my hairs are relatively well trained.  It’s not going to hold a strong willed moustache in place in my opinion.  But lets just take a step back and look at what a beard needs, will the hairs pull into a shape and work with gravity, most definitely yes and they will do so even if you hand style.


I really enjoy wearing this balm, its not just a styling product of course and though it fares very well in that department it has an ace up its sleeve.  I will be completely honest with you first, I have issue with the word balm as I never know where to place it in the Venn diagram of moustache and beard products, is it for conditioning or styling?  Well I am not sure there are any steadfast rules but this product sits quite well in the middle, its styles nicely but it also has the ingredients you need to keep your hair and skin in top condition.  I like how it washes out well too and left my moustache feeling great, silky soft and smooth.  There is also a delicate tingle from the peppermint which lets you know that the product is working on your skin which will feel enlivened when you use the balm. So a good quality conditioner that styles well and smells great, go off to the store and be sure to check out the great value beard oils as well, I like the sound of Bergamot and black pepper very much, go on treat yourself.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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