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Awesome from the Internet (again)

FineFettle Beard Conditioner

The previous post was full of lovely little bits and bobs that would surely bring a smile to the faces of those lucky enough to be in receipt of them.  The items here though didn’t seem to fit in last post so I thought I would split it over 2 entries, not that it matters, but I do like to make a fuss when its not needed>  My wife will tell you as it takes me an hour to create my “natural” look hahahaha.  Shame on me!

I hope you like these items as much as I do, venture to the sites to see some truly wonderful handmade products by people with real talent.

First up some great egg cups, yep I used the words egg cup and great in the same phrase, don’t believe me? Then go here and have a look at Simon’s handmade products.  He has a wonderful talent and an equally wonderful beard and taste in music, show him some love


The more I look at this next item by ForgottenPages the more I like it.  A really clever design of a Moustache Tamer taming wild moustaches I asked the designer how her came up with the idea “How it came about was I had this vintage image of Victorian gent with whip and …why not have him training moustaches : {)”, I might just be inclined to order one of these as it would make a great feature, though not sure what the wife would say.


Now this is an item we all need, and it will make Dentists happy,  how many times have you been without a bottle opener for some hulk to offer to open it with his teeth?  Then you watch in agony as he slobber all over your drink which as he hands it back may just have some of his tooth enamel and lasts nights curry in it!  Fear you not here is a lovely hand made emergency bottle opener simplistic and beautiful, I’ll take one please.

bottle opener


Sometimes a product stops you in its tracks because its a well designed thought out thing of beauty, sometimes its just plain funny, sometimes its THE TRUTH, I’ll let you decide which this fits into but if you don’t want these then you maybe need to go and “find yourself”  I think I last saw you arguing with a tree, off you pop.  I want these and I don’t even have a beard!!! Hmmm I wonder if they could do a moustache version.  Their store has lots of great gift ideas here


This is the last one for now but this struck me as a really cool design and the message is great.  The shirts are hand block printed meaning no two will be the same and for the money how cool to have something unique. A nice gift for your significant other maybe?

NO beard, no chance

Please do go and show them some support, say hi from me and maybe buy me a gift because you love me!


FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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