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I must admit to getting a little bit carried away lately finding things to feature on here, because my creativity is lacking I hope to ride the wave of success of other people by bringing their products to your attention.  You can thank me later in the form of chocolate, beer or if you are feeling flush scotch.  There are a myriad of moustache and beard themed things online, its a quite a thing at the moment and rightly so because we know facial hair is what keeps the world turning.  I’ll admit some of these products are fun, some are practical and some are just cool.   I will add as I find more, please do check them out, these are independent people having fun and making lovely things.

Wife of Brian – There are a lot of these types of things online but very few done with such style or variety, if You know someone that needs a beard then have a look at Wife of Brian for some super knitted stuff.  I quite like the idea of the pencil case for work….

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HowNice Button beards, “Love me love my Beard” pretty cool and serve a purpose, please go to the store to see what else they have to offer.



Another set of cool button badges can be found at VividandLivid these I find particularly good fun, I wonder if I could style my moustache for the different days of the week? Hmmmmm



This looks like a nice bit of fun, a cool gift for someone special perhaps, lovely design that would appeal to many a folk I am sure, go visit InkyPots for some more beautifully designed bits



These lovely little things are “lovingly cut, mounted and packed by hand so that every single one of them is unique – just like a real moustache.” Imagine the fun you could have with your own stamp set, visit the store for more of the same here


FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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