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How to style your beard

FineFettle Beard Conditioner

I put together a video to help those of you out there with fly away beard hairs or areas of unruly face fuzz.  It features a slightly different moustache styling that I’ve found suites me better with the beard, some of you moustache wranglers out there may find that bit interesting.  As always I ramble a bit but it has a point to it so its more a stroll through bearding and how to make it work for you.  I look forward to hearing your feedback and would love it if you follow me on the associated media channels.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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4 Responses

  1. Suraj says

    Loving your beard/moustache grooming videos. Started using the hair dryer after my shower which made a huge difference. I just wanted to know whether I should apply my beard oil before or after I use the hair dryer ? Thanks a bunch.

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Hi Suraj, thanks for the message, it’s great to hear that my video has proved useful. Oiling before the hairdryer is fine, I find myself doing that of late but I never used to. I think as long as you are hydrating your beard and skin daily you will be fine

  2. The Art of Shaving says

    Learning how to use the hairdryer was very helpful, especially on working through specific areas of the beard. What recommendations do you have to keep your beard clean and healthy? Any products you personally suggest?

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Hi there, glad you found the video of use. I think soap is very important and you need to find a handmade all natural mild soap. I personally use a bar soap in place of all other products in the shower from head to toe. I like Dr bronners but my favourite is African black soap, there are many types but I use Dudu osun. As for products I would of course recommend my own at www.finefettlegrooming.com or Roughneck products, search for my review in this site. Hope that helps, add me on Facebook and Instagram etc and we can discuss things further if you wish

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