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The Bearded Bastard Moustache Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
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Website:  I urge you to visit the store and buy some awesome here

Price when purchased:   £8.50

Delivery feedback: 

The wax arrived well packaged in perfect condition.  Superb communications from Jeremiah, very nice chap indeed

Container type/size: 1oz metal push fit tin.  I must draw your attention to the stunning cherry wood laser cut labels.


Jeremiah sent me the Simply Vanilla scent and if I am honest it would not have been my choice given the amazing range available on the store, but I am very glad he did because the vanilla scent is lovely.  If you have read my review of The Bearded Bastard Woodsman Beard Oil you will note that there is an amazing skill possessed by Jeremiah in creating a balanced and special scent.  The shave oil also takes you on an olfactory adventure and so you might think that Simply Vanilla isn’t up to much and you’d be wrong.  Knowing when not to faff and complicate a scent shows a true understanding of what a chap needs and also a great confidence in one’s product. Jeremiah has made a lovely simple sweet vanilla scented wax. It’s a very warming and positive scent with a little help from the cocoa butter its an absolute triumph.  It certainly isn’t overpowering though and in no way sickly either which you might expect.  I love the stuff and I defy you to feel differently.


This is a nice light coloured all natural product, the ingredients are – Beeswax, Lanolin, Cocoa Butter, and Jojoba Oil.  Scented with Madagascar Vanilla Essential Oil. The extraction is pretty easy with this wax but it will benefit from being warm as does any other wax, so make sure you roll it between your fingers for a bit and you will be happy to find a very use-able piece.  I crayoned it in the centre hairs as per the regular routine and was pleased with the ease of which the wax coated the hairs.  I knew from feedback from others that this wax was one well suited to more extreme styling and so rather than go lightly in the curls for a natural look I went for the full on curl.  I pinched it easily into the curls and it spread nice and evenly with very little drama allowing me to shape a pretty tight curl.  I was so impressed that on subsequent days I went for the English style which was very easy to achieve.  The hairdryer will allow you to shape with some light heat but a cold blast will set things wonderfully.


In my video on applying wax I state that this is competition grade wax, its got a wonderfully strong hold and sets wherever you want it to.  It stays there too, my English style held so firm that even by dinner time I was still jabbing it into stuff forgetting I had a wider than usual wingspan.  The hold is perfect really, it’s not rock solid that it will snap off, there is a lightness about it and a slight flexibility.  I still cannot work out how it can be so strong yet pliable and light.  Hats off to Jeremiah again, here he has created a solid performing wax that earns the wing walker status. HUZZAH!


I have often said I don’t like waxing, but what I really mean is that I prefer a natural look to my moustache. This wax is one that I enjoy wearing I can’t give it high enough praise as it has so much going for it, ease of use, great scent and competition level hold not to mention it is all natural.  The wax washes very well too with ingredients that leave your hair and skin feeling wonderful and cared for not abused.  The Bearded Bastard range is sublime, made by a fine fellow who cares only for bringing you quality products to bring you and your facial hair joy.The lovely laser cut wooden veneers for the labelling throughout the range are really something special and certainly highlight the ambition to be different.  This unique branding and quality has been imitated by many but never matched in my opinion, I really do hope you visit the store and check things out.  It might be nice to get the Oil sample set to see which of the scents you like and then get a wax in that scent maybe.  Say Hi for me..

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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