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The Bearded Bastard Shave Oil

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The Bearded Bastard Shave Oil is on sale at thebeardedbastard.com

So this is a product I was sent way back when I received the most excellent moustache wax and the outstanding beard oil by the Bearded Bastard. Just a mere glimpse at the reviews I did way back when and it is evident that at the time of writing I was clearly taken with them, nothing has changed. They are still in my top three, the brand however might just be sitting in the top spot though for very simple reasons, quality and attention to detail. The shave oil does not fall short in these areas either I can assure you and is definitely the best out of the 6 shave oils I have used because it is designed and created by a man with extraordinary skill. This man goes by the name of Jeremiah and having been privileged to have an insight into this man’s world via Facebook I can tell you that he has a meticulous approach and incredibly high standards which reflect in all the products I have had the pleasure to sample. So the shave oil then, why is it so good?

Ingredients : Castor, Grape Seed, Safflower, Olive, Argan, Jojoba, Rosehip, Perilla, Meadowfoam, Pomegranate, Sea Buckthorn, Vitamin E, Glycerin, & Neem Oil. Scented with Calendula, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea Tree, Vanilla, Coffee, Amber, Rosewood, Citrus, & Tobacco Essential Oils.
There are ingredients in there that I can confidently say I have not seen in other products, some I’ve not heard of to be fair, all so well mixed and balanced that we have a fine thick oil that smells every bit as glorious as you could hope for. Jeremiah has a wonderful nose, not meaning aesthetically but he seems to understand scent and leads me to wonder if he is part blood hound, part wizard ( well he does like a hat!)
Straight from the bottle which I suggest you shake first, the oil is very thick, almost like raw egg white. It has a rich golden colour and the smell is incredibly warming and earthy yet there is a sweet and uplifting note to it as well. Its seems to be able invigorate but be cosy all at the same time which is perfect for when you wake up. With a nice size lug you can spread the oil across your wet bristles, ideally out of the shower or splash your face with warm water, and apply the oil to your face working in all directions to coat the hair, allow it to soak for a minute to soften the hairs and then get the razor ready. In fact your razor should be sitting in hot water before you use it as this allows for a closer shave preventing the skin shrinking back from the shock of a cold razor. Then going with the grain take your razor and feel it glide smoothly and effortlessly removing your stubble as it goes, dunk the razor to wash the debris off and repeat until you have a smooth face and sink full little of hairs all clogged together. If you then wish to do a second across the grain pass you can so with care and without the need to reapply the oil, well I found that anyway you might want to add a light coating as you get used to the products capabilities perhaps. Once you have admired your handywork it feels great to rinse with cold water and pat dry with a towel.
The end result is a very close and smooth shave plus the nourishing ingredients leave the skin feeling hydrated, soft and not a sign of dryness and of course it smells sublime. If you are prone to suffering from razor burn or shaving cuts then you might need some adjustments to your technique but this shave oil would certainly give you some relief. I totally recommend this oil, assuming that you shave of course, and I think it would be prudent of you to check in with the Bearded Bastard as there is a new product being worked on which promises to be amazing.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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