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The Bearded Bastard – Woodsman Beard Oil

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I’ve always fancied trying this Beard Oil, on paper or should that be screen? It appeared to be my type of product as I love being in the woods as I mentioned here. It also has a very loyal following and so I was very honoured when The Bearded Bastard offered to send me a little sample of his range, the moustache wax and shave oil I shall review later but for now lets look at Woodsman Beard Oil.

The bottle does not contain a dropper but for me this is not an issue, in fact because I use only my fingertips for my moustache it works perfectly just to cover the neck with a finger and upturn it.  The oil has a very good consistency, it’s not sticky and a small amount goes a very long way.  I enjoy the application of the oil greatly its really a pleasurable thing to do, you can feel the effect on your skin and the hairs seem to respond almost straight away.  It absorbs quickly and the leftover residue slips nicely into my wayward eyebrows.  The high absorption will be in part to the quality ingredients of the carrier blend which all have great skin and hair health benefits, it’s a great quality product.

Ingredients: Safflower, Almond, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Argan, Castor, and Olive Oil. Scented with Texas Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Pine Needle Oil.

Softness – Whether used overnight or as a daily user this oil is wonderful at softening the hair.  As soon as you apply it you will notice a silky feeling to your hairs and a delightful softness.  It’s certainly not a one minute wonder either, there is a long-lasting softness with your hairs being nourished and more flexible for a considerable time.  This oil will banish dry hair and dry skin effectively and would suit the new itchy beard or the weather ravaged long beard.

Shine – It has to be said that my blond moustache responds well and reflects light when an oil is applied, some oils do this better or for longer than others.  The Bearded Bastard has chosen a wonderful mix of ingredients that place it firmly towards the top of the list when it comes to adding a wonderful healthy sheen to my moustache and I’m certain you will notice this too. Not only does my moustache shimmer in the sun it also has body and volume.

Scent – The smell you get from this oil is staggering and evokes an explosion of memories, every person that I have asked to smell this oil had a light bulb moment, it thumps you with awesomeness and you will relive a special moment I guarantee.  It will come as no surprise that all of those memories are wood based given the ingredients above including sawdust, woodwork at school and the outdoors, for me its a very comforting smell that brings childhood memories of my Dad’s shed and of the woodland coming alive.  It’s a truly remarkable experience under your nose that is very reminiscent of kicking about in the leaves in the autumn with the associated smells of a warm fire after a day frolicking in the forest. In fact this smell is so good I am certain that if you entered the woodlands wearing this the actual trees would have an inferiority complex. It’s so well-balanced with woody earthy tones with a slight smoky note and though its punchy straight from the bottle it has a long-lasting effect that throughout the course of a busy day gently lifts you.

I hope that you venture to the Bearded Bastard and sample his wares and say hello from me.  If you are inside the UK however you can get the oils from Beardcrcaft and save yourself on postage.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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6 Responses

  1. Andrew says


    Would you be interested in reviewing our beard oil? www.gentlemansbeardbalm.com

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Hi Andrew, I’ve taken my foot off the reviews for a while as I have my own product which is taking a lot of my time. If you are interested I can put you in touch with some other reviewers?

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  4. Jack says

    I am with you on this one, Stu. I really enjoy TBB Woodsman Oil on my moustache, especially to soften things up in the harsh, dry Canadian winters. Either in the morning for a softer look, or at the end of the day when the wax is worn out and I want to condition things, this oil works very well.

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Yeah it’s very versatile indeed. I’m quite keen to try the Morocco and opium den too now. The shave oil is very nice if you use shave oil

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