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The long awaited Beardfellows website is here.

Its been a long time coming I can tell you, but I bet that Enoch the man, the beard, the legend behind the brand has felt the agonising wait even longer.  I first became aware of Beardfellows via a link to a youtube video where Enoch in enthusiastic and informative style sought to educate the hairy faced about using an appropriate soap for beard care.  The moment I saw it I was hooked, an engaging, well thought out approach to bearding and beard care meant that the subsequent product launch was laced with anticipation. If you are not aware of what I am talking about then please subscribe here and take some time to view the videos.

I have to admit I was desperate to get hold of some Beardfellows oils, Enoch and I have enjoyed many chats via email and his excitement is infectious, it took a while but they say all good things come to those who wait, how true that is comes from the wearing of the products so here’s my experience with the QuarterMaster and Sawmill beard oil.
The bottles came incredibly well protected and arrived in good time, and once out of the protective packaging I found two smartly tagged hessian bags with the anointed beard oils sitting happily within.  The dark amber glass bottles come fitted with a dropper as opposed to a pipette and I find these to be very good as long as the oil is not too thick and thankfully we are ok on that front.  The secret in getting them to work is also the secret to their effectiveness, you simply have to take your time, and like all good beardsman we must exercise patience, simply upturn the bottle and wait, after a few seconds the pressure in the bottle equalises and allows a few drops to blip out. The feel of the oil is quite thick and silky but not too heavy, it feels quality and goes onto the hairs nicely enough.  There is a greasiness left on the hands but I tend to apply to my eyebrows and head hair so I don’t find this too big a problem. The oil was especially good at calming a sore area I developed at the edge of my neck after reverting back to an old comb which tugged a little too much, grapeseed oil coming into play there.

Ingredients: Grapeseed, Argan, Golden Jojoba, Vitamin E oil and essential oil blend.

Softness – The ingredients are pretty much the go to selection, nothing revolutionary is going on here, just a simple well mixed blend in a ratio that certainly has an effect.  The Beardfellows oil once applied has a very pleasant effect on the skin, I fell my skin relax a little as its softened by the oils, most likely the Vitamin E oil doing what its well known for.  The other trio coat the hairs and skin with a silky layer that affords great softness and eases the combing process nicely which means the beard and moustache instantly feel more manageable.  The thickness of the oil also serves very well to aid in styling, I found I could tie in loose hairs to my moustache curls nicely with the flyaway hairs in my sideburn area also stepping into line.  I will say that my hairs felt softer initially but as the oil wore off into the day I began to feel a slight dryness to the tips.

Shine – The overall look of the facial hair is very pleasing, a delightful shine to the face furniture but also a really impressive plumping up which I think is due to the effect of the oils on the hair follicles.  Its as if the roots are tightened slightly so that the hairs stand to attention a bit and I don’t mean like a startled alley cat but more a Lions impressive mane effect.

Scent – The two different essential oil blends are pretty good but lacked a bit of longevity for my personal preference as I like my face to smell throughout the day.  I found that the aroma wore off after 30 minutes which was a little disappointing, so for those of you that prefer subtle its possibly for you.  Its important to realise though that though we often think of essential oils for their smell they have other properties that have an effect so they are working on us holistically behind the scenes as it were.  Quartermaster is a sweet scent, the Italian blood orange and French lavender create a very nice citrus lift with a subtle floral that sits on top of the Himalayan cedarwood. The Quatermaster strikes a very pleasant chord with me, I’m a sucker for lavender as you know but the blood orange makes it all the more pleasurable to wear.  Its a nice relaxing beard oil and I enjoyed it mostly after work or before bed.  The Sawmill is a punchy blend of Japanese Peppermint, Hungarian Pine Needle and Mediteranean  Cypress which reminds me of a mellowed decongestant, the menthol notes are high on this one and then you get a little bit of pine.  Think minty christmas tree and you might be close to this one.  Its a very clean aroma that serves to wake you up in the morning and that’s when I preferred to wear it as I got ready for the day ahead.

Beardfellows oil is a safe and solid oil especially if you need some help in calming the appearance of your face fur. It’s ability to add a little weight while also adding more volume is a clever trick, plus it can help if you suffer from irritation. The website offers a good selection of combs and I beleive other releases are on their way. Subscribe on the Beardfellows site to keep abreast of all developments and show Enoch some love.


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