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Bear’s Beauty- Beard Care

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
bears beauty

The Bear’s Beauty Handmade beard care products can be found here www.etsy.com/shop/BearsBeauty

I have a big apology to make, in fact make that two apologies, the first goes to Jerra, the owner and maker of products at Bear’s Beauty.  These were kindly sent to me some time ago and I sort of forgot I had them.  You must understand though they arrived at a time where I had around 15 products land in one week and for one reason or another I took my time in using them.  The second apology I have to make is to you my furry faced friend for once I tried these products I was absolutely delighted with them and yet I still did not share this with you, until now. So let us look in detail at the all natural Beard Balm and Beard wash, I also have the Shave oil and cologne which will be reviewed very soon. I PROMISE!

I have decided to forgo the usual format as the wax template just doesn’t really fit with a beard balm as they are products that are expected to perform different jobs. One for solid styling in the form of moustache wax whereas the beard balm is there to give a beard a tiny bit of styling aid. If made correctly they should be primarily for nourishing and caring for a beard in my opinion and I do have an issue with the word balm and its use in the industry but I’ll save that for another time because the Bears Beauty Beard Balm (BBBB) is sensationally good.

Of course some of you might be observant enough to notice that I don’t have a beard, I do have a decent sized moustache though which needs quite a bit of care to keep it in good health and it comes as no surprise that the BBBB is more than up to the job with the ingredients being : Grape Seed Oil, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Essential Oil Blend (Rosemary, Lime, Fir Needle, Sweet Orange, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Clove Bud) .  The balm has a light pistachio colour to it and the smell is an absolute triumph.  The green colour I am guessing comes from the hemp oil which is amazing for your skin and hair and really underused I think.  It contains so many nourishing vitamins and essentials that I use it raw from time to time with great effect.  The things that makes it hard to work with as a base though are its deep green colour and its woody sweet smell making it hard to create a scent against.  Jerra has totally nailed the scent with it being sweet, woody and fragrant with a lift from the citrus.  Whenever I wear the balm it puts a big smile on my face, the scent is very positive and uplifting indeed, a real delight. If I had to describe this smell I would say imagine you are cracking coconuts in a woodland glade while nearby someone is making fruit punch!  Maybe thats not the best description but the scent is both manly, sweet and fresh and I cannot fault it.  So it  smells good, it also works wonders at softening and nourishing the skin and hairs leaving your face hydrated and soft and there is a nice amount of light support which suits a beard to a tee.  As you can see from the pictures my moustache had a wonderful shine too so it looked in great condition as well as smelling great and feeling that way too.  You really need this stuff on your face, that is all.

Oh hang on we have the beard wash, which currently I cannot see on the store but we have that wonderful aroma again, though a little less woody I recall but it lathers up very nicely and a tiny bit is all you need to gently cleanse your beard and the skin underneath.  It’s a gentle soap in liquid form and leaves your facial hair feeling soft and oh so clean without seeming to strip your natural defences.

Jerra seems to know what a beard needs, the combination of the balm and wash seem to be a winning formula and I will be sad when my little samples run out.  If you like the sound of the products please check out the website above and say hi from me.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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