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Bedfordshire Beard Co – Wax and Oil

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I have had these products for a couple of months now and I don’t like to sit on products for too long, when a  company offers me products I do my best to honour their generosity and trust.  However due to a queue of products to test plus a catastrophic laptop failure resulting in a full wipe and re install and then the resulting catchup means that only now I can share my findings.  The Bedfordshire Beard Company celebrated its first birthday a short while back and any small company in such a competitive market that hits that benchmark must be doing something right.  They have a great selection of products on their very slick website and for my delectation is the Mango moustache wax ( I’m not a fan of mango) and Real Ale beard oil (I am a fan of real ale).  My excitement for trying them was mixed particularly in the case of the moustache wax as I’ve almost had enough of waxing if I am honest.  This is because it’s too much effort for me now and I prefer a natural moustache style, so then factor in that  I also am not a fan of mango in its food form I wasn’t overly enthused to try the wax.  I find myself unable to get excited by mango like my wife and children do when presented with a gallon of the stuff.  I can’t really taste it, consider it tropical fruit ambivalence and lets leave it at that.  Interestingly though the ingredients got my attention, Beeswax and lanolin, that is all, nothing else and on paper that shouldn’t really work.  Lets get onto the formal review to see if it does in practice.

Container type/size:   15ml screw cap tin

Ingredients: In case you’ve already forgotten its Beeswax and Lanolin plus scent


The mango aroma is spot on, its cleverly sweet and clean smell and given that lanolin and beeswax have their own unique aromas there is no trace of them at all. It has the distinct ability to make me happy, confident and is generally uplifting.  The ability for the aroma to last is  also a nice trick and at no point is it over-powering but it is most definitely there all day and into the evening.  I have to say I was very surprised how much I liked it as I was at first sceptical but am well and truly converted, top marks for this one.


Right so beeswax and lanolin in my head is a tough mix to pull off,  to make a moustache wax you need something to cut the wax and most makers use oils.  Lanolin is a waxy oil in theory so can have the desired effect to soften the beeswax but it’s also quite sticky and poses it own problems there.  My suspicions were confirmed upon attempting to extract the wax as rather than a thumb scrape it was more of a plunge as the product is very soft.  I had to withdraw and try again and in all honesty I was a little deflated as I assumed the process was going to be a chore.  Note that I said assume there though, because once I got on with it I was taken aback, yes it is tacky and yes it feels unusual and yes requires a bit of adjustment but by jingoe it works.  I found the best approach is to use a small amount  and spread it thinly between finger and thumb and apply from your desired start point and outwards towards the tips.  The pinch and drag worked much better than a crayoning technique due to the softer sticky nature of the beast but slowly and delicately I was able to get a good coating throughout my moustache.  For me it worked better to go lighter in the centre and then build it up to the tips and if any hairs didn’t want to play I just added a touch more wax with the stickiness really being a bonus. The wax responds perfectly to the heat of the hairdryer and a degree of shaping and styling can be had with very little drama setting a wide swoop a relaxed or tight curl is all doable.  The cold air will set things firmly in place and when you step back to admire your handywork you’ll be impressed, killer moustache day awaits you.


I would put this on the firm side of medium, it’s a not a show stopping, eye gouging rock hard hold but it’s certainly competent enough to stay put all day long and even into the next day.  What is nice about it is that if you knock it or catch it you can simply pull it back into shape so it has some flexibility but it’s also reliable.  Mostly I remove my wax after a day because I don’t like the feel, but for this product I made an exception and slept on it, I awoke to a decent enough looking moustache that survived the shower and then dried back into shape. So it’s a pretty versatile easy to live with easy to love all-rounder, top marks and it will stay within reach when I next fancy a wax up.

Real Ale Beard Oil

Well now here we have something that appeals to me, I do love a real ale or six so the prospect of a beard oil full of beeriness was an exciting thought.  The oil comes in a standard bottle with glass pipette so application is nice and easy, its also listed as a shave oil too but I haven’t been able to try that what with the bearding efforts and all that.  The oil is almost clear in colour and very light in its consistency and has a nice silky feel as you apply it.  Almost instantly there is a skin feel that is really pleasant, the feeling is very refreshing and just feels nice, I had to do a couple of runs through though as the oil absorbed quite quickly which was reassuring.

Ingredients: Argan Oil, Grape seed oil, Almond oil, Jojoba, Apricot Kernel Oil, Hemp seed oil, Piper Nigrum, Humulus lupulus, Citrus paradisi.

Scent- I’ll start with this as it really is the first thing you notice, plus named Real Ale it gets you guessing, the real ale element comes from the use of hop oil and its the primary scent but not the only one.  As I am a keen home brewer I am very familiar with the aroma of hop oil but if you are not its quite a hard thing to explain.  What I will say it that do not be mistaken into thinking that this beard oil will have you stinking like an inebriate or the local wino, in fact its a very clean aroma.  There is a deep and slightly spicy element to it that at times reminds me of a pint of glorious IPA but then there is a brief citrus hit too.  The pleasure of the scent is that it develops throughout the day but always keeps you guessing as to where its going, it wasn’t all beer and hops and ideal for a fresh feeling.

Softness- The boost from this oil comes in the stroking of ones beard, a definite slick yet dry and soft feeling throughout the body of the beard and moustache and doing this releases the lovely scent some more.  I felt that this oil was a bit too light for my personal preference as my thick curly beard is quite unruly and needs a lot more taming and so I believe this oil is ideal for the shorter or better behaved beard.

One thing that this beard oil does very well is to calm and soothe the skin, I had a couple of mornings where my routine was a bit upside down and so I couldn’t dry my beard properly.  This meant that under my chin and neck areas still had some water sitting on the skin and this became dry and irritable.  The Bedfordshire Beard oil offered an incredible soothing effect and banished the dryness and itch I had got from that irritation so if you suffer from these issues then this brand might be what you need.

In all the products performed well for me, the wax was a real surprise and the oil will be kept nearby if I should suffer from any irritations, if they sound like they might be of benefit to you then head over to the website now and say hi from me.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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