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Bluebeards Revenge – Brushless Shave Solution

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Some months ago I had the pleasure of receiving the Brushless Shave Solution from Bluebeards Revenge but its taken me a while to get round to reviewing it, the reason for my tardiness is nothing to do with the product though.  You might be a aware that for some time I have been on the journey of the DE razor, I’ve been trialling blades and getting used to the razor balance and technique.  For me to get to grips with the razor and blades I needed to keep all other things the same and this meant sticking with my regular shave soaps.  Well I can report that I have now got to grips with the DE razor and its rituals and I do enjoy it greatly and this has allowed me to test the Bluebeards Revenge Shave Solution on an even field as it were.

The Brushless Shave Solution is a very interesting concept, the bottle has a pump dispenser and delivers a rich creamy gel, this is somewhere between spray can gel and foam in consistency and smells delightfully clean and traditional.  You don’t need a great amount and as you apply to your face you will notice how silky it feels. There is no fuss needed as it is ready to accept your razor straight away and does so rather well.  The mix of ingredients are such that it is designed to provide both cushion and glide and I am happy to report that it upheld this completely, no snagging just a nice soft and slick shave experience.  What came as a pleasant surprise was in the second pass, with just the leftover residue on my face and a tiny splash of water a good cushioning layer can be made again for a comfortable XTG pass.  As I mentioned in my earlier review of the Bluebeards range the products contain decelerine which is a substance that inhibits hair growth so over time you will need to shave less.  For this reason alone I do not use the products as I am trying to grow out my moustache to the point where I have to go through doors sideways but if you want a good easy shaving experience then definitely try this.

The astute reader will notice there is also a bottle of cooling moisturiser included here which is a separate product and really pleasant on the skin.  It is packed with skin boosting ingredients and healing elements but due to the effectiveness of the Shaving Solution it doesn’t have to work too hard.  I liked the feel and smell of this moisturiser as did my wife, very soft and hydrated and a lovely clean smell.

All in all a really good product if you want a quick quality shave experience, it would also do very well as a travel item s its minimum fuss and 100ml means you can take it on a plane.

Visit Bluebeards Revenge here www.bluebeards-revenge.co.uk/



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