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BlueBeards Revenge – Starter Kit

FineFettle Beard Conditioner

I’ve been sitting on this review for ages for no reason other than I haven’t got round to it.  I approached the company with a cheeky request back when I started things off here for a few samples and they most generously sent me the Starter Kit.  I had stumbled across the product when I found myself desiring a better shave experience, having been a beardie for a long time I hadn’t really needed to make too much effort.  Since the shedding of the beard in the name of Movember and embarking on the wonderful journey of the stand alone handlebar moustache I found my regular shaving routine and products had left me wanting and bleeding.  Growing ever tired of walking to work with enough tissue to pass as an Egyptian Mummy on my face I took to the internet and forums looking into the mystical world of the traditional wet shave.  I found it confusing at first, do I need cream or soap, what is XTG and WTG, straight razor or DE, what is DE, mug or scuttle?  This was my world for some time looking at endless pages of products until one day as I scrolled up and down across tabs and tabs  I saw something “OOOh PIRATES!!!”  I love a pirate, who doesn’t and in my excitement I fired off the cheeky email.

I collected the package from the Post Office and I could tell the young man was impressed by the Bluebeards revenge tape and stamps on the box, I left trying to play it cool “hands off little mail man, there be gold in this box!”  Once in the car I ripped the package open to reveal the pirate treasure.  The styling and design of the products and packaging is really very nice, it looks authentic and classy and not too Disney or tacky.

As for the products themselves they are lovely, the thing that immediately hits you is the scent.  Its very traditional and clean smelling, it reminded me of watching my Dad shave using a brush and soap stick, Old Spice I believe and funny enough that had a ship on the label “oooh pirates”  sorry my brain reverts to 6yr old boy when I relive these images. The Bluebeard’s revenge range is aimed at those guys, my Dad being one, who are blessed with facial hair that grows at alarming speed, why these people deny themselves a beard I do not know but each to their own and all that.  So to tackle the problem of having to have a second shave after breakfast the products contain an innovative ingredient called decelerine – Decelerine™ is a compound of active ingredients proven to be effective in inhibiting hair growth by targeting the hair follicle cells during their growing phase and weakening new hair formation, gradually decreasing hair density and length.”  SO if used over a period of time you will need to shave less. Bonus!

However as I am trying to grow a moustache, Nick at Bluebeard’s suggested that it may not be a good long term product for me but I did use them and I was very impressed.  This was my first venture into the world of proper wet shaving, the can of spray goop foam was shunted to the back of the cupboard, I still didn’t have the razor or the scuttle but I did have the brush courtesy of the starter pack.  The strength of the shaving cream is that you can whip up a cracking lather straight onto your face, or in your palm if you prefer.  Its very easy to use and the foam is soft, light and retains its consistency.  The razor (close your eyes now if you are a purist) a disposable twin blade of a supermarket’s own brand was given new life.  No pulling, clogging or razor burn.  For the first time I tried  a second pass when normally the razor was shot to pieces but all was good with this foam. The brush performed well, though I have zero frame of reference but I can happily recommend this as a good beginners brush or to have as a back up.  My skin felt soft and invigorated after rinsing and the application of the shave balm meant my skin was in perfect condition for the day and smelt great.

After testing I was hooked on the proper wet shave and purchased a replacement, nothing to do with the quality of Bluebeard’s just that I didn’t want to jeopardise my ability to grow the best moustache I can. I gave the products minus the brush and deodarant to my Dad and he is raving about them, he has begun to enjoy shaving and looks forward to getting in the bathroom in the morning to lather up.

If you are venturing into the world of wet shave definitely give this brand a look, they are now selling in Tesco but there are a number of online sites that offer them.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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  2. Douglas Smythe says

    Very nice. However, I believe it’s time we have a talk about the plastic fisher-price razors you are using….report to my office!

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      I know it’s ridiculous, I was hoping that Santa will be good to me.

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