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Bounder Moustache Wax

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Website:   The Bounder Moustache Wax can be found here

Price when purchased:      £7.50

Delivery feedback:  

I got this wax from a  friend so I cannot comment on the effectiveness of delivery but I can absolutely vouch for the excellent packaging that comes with the wax.  Great attention to detail and slick design from a cool branded envelope and a nice care card giving you tips on the use and application of the product which you must pay attention to, see below.

Container type/size:    10ml Metal screw top tin


I love this smell, it comes courtesy of Caribbean rum but reminds me of Christmas with memories of deep rich dark sugar filled sweet things its intoxicatingly good .  Under your nose this scent is a real pleasure and quite strong at first but fades just enough not to get in the way.



I have to admit that initially I had nothing short of a disaster!  The first tin I got was a well used tin from a friend which had dried out, a very common occurrence that Bounder users will tell you about, so it was difficult to get it out of the tin.  Big mistake number one there, make sure your tin is sealed and not allowed to air dry because the result is a very firm tacky putty that will not transfer to your hairs and when you do try it pulls like crazy.  As I had not been furnished with the excellent application instructions we come to big mistake number 2! I thought to myself, (well you can’t think in someone else’s head can you?) “this needs softening, its way too hard. I know just the trick..” and I reached for the hairdryer. AAAAAAAAHHHHHH do not use a hairdryer to soften this wax, it goes the other way and hardens leaving you/me with a catastrophic and poorly styled moustache.  I then caked more on trying to rescue things and though the moustache looked ok eventually I had sacrificed a lot of good hairs and had not enjoyed the experience one bit. If your bounder has dried out I have heard you can add a tiny bit of oil or rum to rehydrate it  and if you have done this to good effect yourself I would love to hear of it in the comments below.


Back to the business of application and if you avoid my first mistake and get a brand new, well packaged tin then you are off to a much better start indeed because if you use the wax properly it’s actually quite easy to style with.  I only used it in my tips and like most products when applying it the Bounder Moustache Wax goes on quite nicely with a pinch and drag technique. Make sure your hairs are dry, so perhaps follow my excellent video and get a good shape going first. By starting at the corner of your mouth Bounder spreads out evenly to the very ends and you can actually build the product up a little to extend the length or thickness.  Once you are happy with the shape of your chosen style which bounder will quite flexibly and easily adapt to you can use the dryer on moderate heat to set the wax up firm. Then walk away from the mirror feeling smug that you have a dangerous moustache on your face.


Its solid, I mean once this has set it will not budge unless you maybe go to a sauna or swimming pool perhaps.  This is one of the hardest setting products I have used which for me felt a little unnatural but I know there are many loyal Bounder fans out there that love the confidence this firm wax inspires.  This is a competition grade hold stuff, it can do a tight curl, great for a Dali  but its ability to do the English style with such aplomb makes it stand out. In fact the hold is so good that if you were to line up Bounder users in a line moustache tip to moustache tip I’m certain a tightrope walker could traverse their bemused faces quite easily! Which I’m sure you agree would be an excellent marketing image, what say you Mr Wax?


I have to admit that this was not a straightforward review for me partly for some odd quirk that I have in that if lots of people tell me I will like something I tend to question whether I really will, will I like it or will I be influenced by them telling me I will like it? The result of this oddity is that I will almost shun said “thing” to show that I will come to it when I choose and not when others tell me to, I think a lot of us do this to a degree but I digress.  You would have to be a fool to not know about Bounder as I’m assuming you have come here because you are looking for a moustache wax or a point of view on one.  I can honestly say that Bounder has been recommended to me by more people than any product and these endorsements come with passion and conviction, in the space of one week I had no more than 5 people suggest I try it, such is the power of Bounder.

As a daily user I find that the product is a bit too much for my tastes but you must remember that I prefer a natural moustache. I also had some issue removing it which does not seem to be the case for many other guys that love this product, its is supposed to release with warm water but I found it a pain to remove and had to resort to soap which I try to avoid.  I don’t think I would use bounder daily because I felt it dried my hairs slightly and I don’t need the hold.  If you are a chap in need of a solid reliable wax that will shape your moustache with style and panache then definitely give Bounder a look.  You can do this by visiting the website and should you wish to mention this review then all the better.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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