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Branwen’s Botanicals Beard Conditioner Oil

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If you use the Branwen’s botanicals tag you will come across my reviews for their wax and shave oil both of which are held in very high esteem due to the great quality natural ingredients and the fact they are totally up to the job.  I have been using the beard oil for some time now and it certainly follows suit being both wonderful quality and excellent at backing up its claims.  The people at Branwen’s Botanicals are really intuitive when it comes to these products and certainly seem to understand the needs of a man with facial hair offering a well thought out product using only the best natural ingredients.

This beard oil combines organic Jojoba oil which closely mimics the skins natural sebum, and natural essential oils of black pepper, cedarwood, cypress, lavender, rosemary and petitgrain.  Jojoba is great for the hair but also the skin due to its anti-bacterial properties and will keep the skin at the follicle in great condition and infection free.

The Scent – its no surprise really that the oil has a rather wonderful scent that reminds you of woodlands and fields of lavender.  Its an absolute pleasure to have under you nose and has a rather soothing and calming effect which makes it very well suited to leave in overnight for a deep condition.  Its not overpowering but you do get little hints of lavender as you go about your business which in my opinion is no bad thing.

The Consistency – A lovely light oil oil in both colour and viscosity that is very easy to work with.  I find that two small drops are more than enough for my moustache, in fact I often place the excess on my eyebrows, may as well keep them tamed right?  Once the oil is evenly spread across the hairs it seems to absorb into the hair well so that you don’t look greasy or matted, what you get is a well groomed softened facial feature and the results of this last for an entire day.

The Appearance –  This is the crowning glory of this oil my moustache glistens and gleams and radiates health and vitality.  The light colour of the oil means that it simply coats the hairs giving a wonderful shine without adding any colouring at all, this means you will get an enhancement to your natural colour so for my blonde moustache it almost twinkles in daylight.  I have had a number of people comment on how shiny my moustache is when I wear this but my phone camera does not do it justice.

So yet again I am singing the praises of another great Branwen’s botanicals product, the oils works wonders at softening the hair meaning that styling and maintenance is a lot easier. Its great for daily use and equally good as an overnight conditioner and the smell is lovely.  I will be very sad when it finally runs out but I think it will be some time yet as a little goes a long way indeed.  I recently had friends over and the chap in the pair is sporting a beard, its young beard but has great potential, I offered him some of my products to try and he said hands down this was the best one for him.

branwens beard oil

Visit the store and say hi from me, you will not be disappointed in this oil at all.

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