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Branwen’s Botanicals Moustache Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
Branwens wax (4)


Website:  Visit the Etsy here

Price when purchased:  £2.50

Delivery feedback:

 The delivery was very fast considering it was overseas,   Branwen was lovely to chat to and kept me up to date with the delivery.

Container type/size:  0.25 oz plastic screw top jar, pocket freindly.


I love this scent, its incredibly natural smelling, it reminds me of the many stunning days my wife and I had while in Scotland.  Its a woodland smell that connects you to nature, very comforting and pleasant indeed.  It didn’t make me shout “smell my face” though as its a sublet scent.  A perfect blend of all organic ingredients,  essential oils of Bay Laurel, oregano and black pepper carried in jojoba oil and organic beeswax, lovely!


A lovely wax to work with, its quite firm and I noticed that the block of wax had shrunk away slightly from the edge of the jar meaning that I needed to push or scrape in a straight line or the wax spins a bit.  Not a major hurdle I think you’ll agree.  As I pushed the wax with the back of my thumbnail it formed a nice little shaving of wax which was very easy to roll and warm in my fingers.  There was no grease or residue and the wax became softer once in contact with my body heat.  Taking one side of the moustache at a time I applied into the hairs almost as if painting them with wax working from the centre to the tips.  It felt good as there was no pulling on hairs or excessive force needed and when I applied a low heat from the hairdryer and combed it through there was no clumping and became invisible.  I was able to style easily into a natural style and set it with a cold blast of air from the dryer.


The claim on the Etsy store is a firm holding wax and though it isn’t the strongest I have come across it did keep things exactly as I left them in the morning without a heaviness that is often felt with other waxes.  I didn’t need to reapply and there was no issue of wandering hairs, all in all  would say worthy of the 50mph windows down drive level of hold.


Having used Branwen’s shave oil (I’m also using the beard oil, which is great) and loving it I was very hopeful that the wax would follow suit, I knew the same level of care and dedication would have gone into sourcing and preparing the fine organic ingredients.  The wax had quite a tough task to live up to the other products and I’m happy to say it didn’t fall short at all. I loved the small pocket friendly jar which makes it perfect for travel or for those that need the security of having a top up in their pocket, which I didn’t need for the record, but I still took the tub with me because I love the scent.  It is a dream to use and washes out very well, though I didn’t go too heavy with it which is down to the fact a little goes a long way.  It created such a wonderful natural look allowing me to keep volume as the hairs didn’t become sticky or greasy and lump together.  I got a lot of compliments while wearing it and it felt good to wear, very light and comfortable and had it not been for the scent I might have forgotten I had it on which is how a wax should be and reminds me a little of the HTGM Tache wax in its feel.  I do not know how it would work for those that go for harder styling but that’s not my preferred look anyway.

If you want a good quality hand crafted product that makes you feel confident and natural then for the money I don’t think you could be disappointed.  Please visit Branwen’s Etsy store and tell them I sent you, she has a vast array of products and is lovely too.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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