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Branwen’s Botanicals Shave Oil

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Branwens shave oil

There was a  time in my youth when I dabbled in using essential oils, it was during my quest to find myself at the age of 17 and to enhance my life using the wonderful power and properties of Mother Nature’s resources.  Well that’s what I fooled myself with, ultimately I bought an oil burner and oil set in the vague hope it might make me more alluring and mysterious to bohemian women.  It didn’t work! During this phase I did get into it all though and enjoyed learning about the various oils and what they were good for, I would make potions and burn oils to enhance my concentration during studying, I made a mouthwash which everyone told me smelt foul, I used Ylang Ylang because I loved saying Ylang Ylang and truly believed that my life was better for it.  It eventually fizzled out but I still believe that natural is the best way to go, unless its cyanide or puffer fish poison, for skincare products.

I originally contacted Branwen after coming across her moustache wax, which I shall be reviewing very soon, she was delighted to offer me the wax and very generously offered to add a couple of other products being this shave oil and a beard conditioner which you can find on the store.

I decided to give the oil a fair test and so opted to shave half my face with the oil and half with my usual spray foam goop in a can.  I also used a new clean disposable razor for each side of my face so that I could get a solid comparison.  All of which can be seen from the pictures below, you might also note that I had a considerable couple of days stubble growth so it had it work cut out.

I wont go into the whys and wherefores of my shaving ritual or technique but will focus on the shave oil.

The smell is delightful due the pure oils of sweet almond, jojoba and avacado, all great for the skin and a mix of essential oils including black pepper, oak moss, cinnamon, cypress, birch and vanilla.  Its a very natural earthy smell, masculine without being in any way musty or overpowering.

The application of the oil was simple, a tiny amount goes a long way and my face tingled nicely.  When I went in with the razor I was very impressed how well the razor glided, I noticed no pulling on the hairs and even as I got towards the end of the shave there was no issue of my face or the hairs drying out.  This also had an effect on the razor blades.  Often with my foam I would find the blades get clogged and I would get through two or three of them before the end of my shave, not the case with the oil at all, the blades stayed hair free with the stubble washing off easily as I dunked the razor after each stroke.

Branwen’s Shave oil claims to take the place of shaving creams, soaps, gels, moisturisers and aftershaves and its I claim I can verify.  My face felt great, looked great and smelled great, well half my face did!  You can see from the pictures that I suffered far less blotchiness and razor burn, the finished result was a  very smooth close shave even with my cheap disposables and my face felt moisturised all day.

The biggest benefit however is one any oil will have and that is you can seen exactly where you are shaving, so its not  like shaving with the lights off undercover when you use something that lathers on your face.  This is crucial if you have facial hair you wish to preserve, but even those that do not have a need for intricate topiary on their face it would benefit being able to see moles or even just the contours of your face.

I am currently looking into the whole wet shave, soap, scuttle  and DE razor but this oil will have a definite slot in my regime.

Bravo Branwen, I’m looking forward to the beard oil and wax now.

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