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Braw Beard Oils – Warrior and Heather

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Braw Beard Oils

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Some time ago my eyes were opened to the joy of the Braw Beard Oil range and I wrote about that experience here. This was not a fleeting affair though as I have maintained and repeated numerous times on social sites or face to face chats that the Beard oils from Scotland are my favourite with out fail.  So imagine my excitement when I was offered Warrior and Heather, which in some ways sounds like a character and presenter from the tv show Gladiators, but of course it’s not as its two small bottles containing the unctuous elixir.  The bottles are very cool, dark green frosted glass which means the precious oil is protected from light that looks and feels rather special too.  When I received the package I was very excited but also a little anxious because they had a lot to live up to, would they be as awesome as the trio of original oils?  The same hemp oil and jojoba were there but there has been the addition of argan oil to the mix, my thoughts on argan are currently mixed but we’ll leave that for another time because I have to get on with the review.

Ingredients: Hemp oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, vitamin e and scent blends.

One thing that is still loyal to the original oils is the thickness when compared to most others on the market, its thick and silky smooth in your fingers and very little goes a long way.  Just a few drops  from the dropper top was ample for my moustache and then a few drops on every finger tip was enough to cover my new beard, well stubble, lets not get carried away eh!  It transfers onto the hairs well and is easy to get down to skin level where it absorbs quite quickly given its thickness.

Softness – Top marks for the Braw beard oil, you can most definitely feel the oil working on your skin very quickly, this has a lasting effect and great if you have any issue with dry or flaky skin.  With the oil working well at the hair root and through to the tips it coats the hairs with silky oil  and you will notice that your facial hair feels wonderfully soft.  It’s a dry feel too rather than an oily slickness which means there is little worry about clothing getting an oil bath.  I like to use the oil at night-time for leave in deep condition but it serves well at any time of the day giving your hairs nourishment and the effects last as well.

Appearance – One of the things I love about the Braw oils is that they give a realistic and healthy shine to the hairs but not only that, they add volume too giving an appearance of awesome bigness.  When I style my moustache without wax I will often add an oil to give my hairs a chance to survive the rigours of the day.  This oil is very good at preventing drying out and keeps the hairs supple and together keeping your styling tight. So in all your hairs will show signs of health and vitality and wow anyone you shove your face at inspiring them to be a better human due to the presence of your majestic face fuzz.

Scent – When it comes to the smell the Braw oils do not disappoint, the original oil range is excellent and distinct in its aroma being unique and suited to various tastes. Warrior and Heather are great additions to the line, fitting in with the other scents and still stand alone and impressive.  Heather is one that instantly feels right, the Highlands covered in heather is a sight to behold with swathes of beautiful purple flowers and this blend takes me there.  It’s important to note that the oil doesn’t contain heather, it’s a clever blend of Amyris and Ylang Ylang which is sweet, heady and floral but has a nice little edge of spice that for me hints at liquorice.  It’s a joyous scent that certainly lifts your spirits and got me a number of comments on how “nice” I smelled, I wasn’t sure I would like it but it really is good.  The Warrior scent is composed of Patchouli, Rosewood and Ginger and its a masterpiece with them all well balanced for a wonderful aroma that is a real pleasure to wear.  The website claims that Warrior “gives off a scent of sweet leather and mighty oak” and as weird as that sounds it does completely that. Its a deep rich earthy and natural scent that really knocks me sideways, the leather is definitely prominent but I find that the oil releases different notes as it reacts to your body heat.  Much like a good scotch takes you on a journey the Warrior beard oil does the same, starting off with citrus hints that disperse into a nutty spiced note and then all of this to the wonderful backdrop of this leather.  It may not be a scent for everyone but I do believe that everyone should experience it.

So there we have it then, the Braw Beard oils have done it again, conditioning, protecting and smelling awesome and I haven’t even mentioned the price, £12.75 for 50ml WOWEEE, go to the website and just see if you don’t believe me.

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