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brawbeardoils.com It was through a facebook friend that I stumbled across this company, the miracle of social sites eh!  I am most glad that the photo of the oil was shared as I was instantly drawn by the logo and  I went straight to the website.  I was interested to see that Braw Beard oils use hemp seed oil as the main ingredient as I had not witnessed this being used in an oil or facial hair product to my knowledge.  Further inspection of each blend enhanced my desire to add the oils to my collection and so I sent a cheeky email.  The most delightful gentleman behind the oils offered to send me some samples plus a few extra goodies too, top chap, top products. The image behind Braw beard oils is that of manliness, for a man exposed to the elements doing manly things like chopping wood, opening beer with their teeth and headbutting bears and of course all done with style and an epic beard.  I of course do not have a beard but the sample bottles are the perfect size for a moustache and will last me some time I should think.  In the package that arrived very quickly all the way from Scotland where the oils are handmade I found a bottle opener and some cool stickers. The Scents- The three scents are truly wonderful and I struggle to pick a favourite, some days it is Wulver, then the next it might be Grafter or Lover, I suppose it depends on my mood but ultimately because they are all good in their own right.  Each scent is well-balanced and lasts for a number of hours after application allowing for your nose to go about its normal business and occasionally picking up the scent of your wonderful facial hair as you go about your day being epic and manly arm wrestling lions and picking up litter.

  • Grafter– The website claims that this smells like timber and I have to agree, it has a slight peaty smokiness to it as well which reminded me of great times by the fire after a long day walking on the beautiful Isle of Skye.  The scent comes from Cedarwood and Rosewood, it’s a rugged outdoorsy scent, it’s a keeper.
  • Lover– This scent claims to be for the ladies man but remember men love a beard and moustache too and facial hair knows not of sexuality, you have epic facial hair so any lady or man should be swooning already but just to make sure a beard or moustache coated in the Lover scent is sure to seal the deal.  This is a sweet scent that hints at Turkish delight but not in  sickly way, the scent comes courtesy of a great blend of Rose, Geranium and Lavender
  • Wulver– This scent is intriguing, the Wulver was a kindhearted Werewolf from Sheltand, he would feed the poor.  My kind of werewolf!  The scent comes from Marjoram and Patchouli, it’s a clean vibrant aroma that smell incredibly natural and reminds me of pine woodlands.  I often reach for this scent, it’s truly wonderful.

The Consistency –  In the emails I was told that the oils have a bit more muscle than most which is spot on.  They are quite thick but this is in no way to its detriment.  A small amount really does go a long way but you might need to spend a little more time working it through your hairs.  This of course is something to celebrate, more time playing with your wonderful facial hair cannot possibly be a bad thing and you will be rewarded with a very pleasant feeling.  The oil works well into the hair and you will note a wonderful feeling as your skin welcomes the enriching vitamin E and softening hemp seed oil.  It’s possible you may over-apply at first but don’t worry you can just comb it through it’s a nice easy product to work with. The Appearance – The hairs absorb some of the oil and the rest sits on top, it’s not a greasy look but one of healthy rich and nourished facial hair.  I found that my hairs were much more pliable and open to the persuasions of styling.  A friend had a go and it was evident that his beard lost its dryness in one application.  The visual change is very good but you will definitely notice a softening of the hairs too and that feels great. I have used this oil as an overnight leave in conditioner and it works wonders with my moustache looking and feeling incredible but it has great merit when used as a daily oil too.  The thickness of the oil means that even late into the evening after a full day you can still notice the oil doing its job and protecting and nourishing your facial hair. If you like the sound of these oils then please do head over to the website and let them know that I sent you.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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