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Brazil Moustache Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner

Website:     Visit the store to by the Brazil Moustache Wax www.brazils.se/en Price when purchased:    8.00 plus postage Delivery feedback:        Nice communications and very quick delivery Container type/size:   24ml Push fit tin Aroma: The scent here is not overly strong with just a hint of lemon oil.  What you get is  a very pleasant natural smell from the beeswax that does not impose on your senses.  This will suit you if you are not a fan of overly scented products, I know a couple of people who are quite sensitive to smells and so having a subtle scent is of benefit for sure. Application:  This is quite a tacky firm wax from the tin and so certainly benefits from warming in you pocket before application.  However once warm you can get a good scraping which warms even further in your fingers.  It is still tacky though so I found it better to use a smaller amount and work areas rather than one large blob to coat a large area which lessens the likelihood that you will pull hairs.  I’m not being negative here, sure there are easier waxes to use but sometimes easy is not best, given a little practice you can really benefit from the strong properties this wax has.  If used heavy you can use the warm hairdryer setting to soften into any shape you wish and then the cold setting will hold the hairs firm. Hold: Without a doubt this wax has one of the strongest holds I have used, as you can see from the pictures below its far better when used to create a more extreme style.  The English style inspired pictures below were very easy for me to create and more importantly it lasted all day, a day of shopping and looking after my children, and even though I caught the tips numerous times when answering the phone or putting on a seatbelt the tips remained resolute and proud!  I had no issues at all with loss of control, there was no need to tamper or fiddle with my impressive face spanning tips. Comments:  I was contacted by Jens from Brazil’s wax asking me if I would be interested in trying and reviewing his wax and I am very pleased he did, I tend to prefer a more natural moustache style but in using Brazil’s wax I have found the delight of a harder styling.  If you have a look around the website you will see he has a rather interesting story behind the creation of his wax, his desire to have the perfect moustache just like his great-grandfather Brazil Jack, a horse riding, gun shooting, piano playing gent with the most wonderful moustache, just look at him below. 12564000-X5CQS I will note that due to its heavy use it was a little difficult to remove, but the use of some oil to soften the wax followed up with my Beard shampoo soon had things sorted. I think Jens should be proud not only of his own lovely moustache but also because he has created a very good hard wax that I am certain Brazil Jack would be happy to endorse.  Should you prefer a hard styled moustache then definitely give this wax a look.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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3 Responses

  1. Brazil's Lion Tamer's Beard Oil | Hirsute for Happiness says

    […] long while back I reviewed the Brazil’s Moustache Wax and it really is a great wax that for reasons unknown to me does not seem to get the support it […]

  2. Wes says

    English style looks great, Stu. This is yet another wax for me to consider. Is it me, or has there been an upsurge in number of wax producers over the last few years? I had a handlebar back in 2008-9 and I don’t remember there being anywhere near this number of manufacturers. Not that I’m complaining…. :)

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Thanks Wes, I’m really pleased with the look I achieved with this wax. You are right in the last month alone I have been made aware of at least 5 new brands and that’s only the ones I have found. Choice is a good thing of course but it’s making my job harder hahaha

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