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Brazil’s Lion Tamer’s Beard Oil

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Brazils Beard Oil

The Brazil’s Beard Oil can be purchased from the webstore here 

A long while back I reviewed the Brazil’s Moustache Wax and it really is a great wax that for reasons unknown to me does not seem to get the support it deserves.  When Jens, the chap behind the brand, offered me some of his oil I was very quick to say yes.  It is a very strong brand with a great history behind it so I do suggest you take some time to tour the website and find out why the products came about.  With my love for the wax I was ever hopeful that the oil would do just as well and thankfully I can affirm that yes we have some quality and effective beard oils.  The bottles come with anti drip tops as is found in aromatherapy oils bottles and this serves very well for a nice and easy,  mess free application.  The oil itself has a good consistency thankful to a careful mix of base oils, its light in colour too so no worries of it tainting my beautiful golden moustache.  One thing I like about the Lion Tamer’s oil is that it absorbs very quickly with only the slightest residue left on the fingertips.

Ingredients are:  Argan oil,  jojoba oil, avocado oil and apricot oil plus the essential oils for each scent.

Softness – The oil works really good at taming your mane and giving it a nice and soft feel, the oils work very nicely on the hairs with them feeling supple and light.  There is a nice effect to be felt on the skin too so if you suffer from itchy or flaky skin in your facial hair this will help you out.

Shine – The base oils work well together to give a nice shine to your face bristles, which of course aren’t bristles any more (see above.)  Being blond I do notice a nice sparkle on my hairs with this oil but I’m not sure how much zazzle the darker chaps out there might have.


I have both of the available scents and though they may not have the most imaginative names they do have very appropriate names.  Lets look at Citrus first shall we, no bonus points for guessing that it smell all lemony.  It’s quite punchy at first and then calms down leaving you with a very clean and refreshing lemon scent under you nose.  I am not a big fan of citrus oils though for some reason but if you are then I am certain you will like it.  The next scent is sawdust and immediately I am thinking of a circus arena, which is good and you will understand why if you have bothered to visit the Brazil’s website to learn the history  and therefore why this is a good name for the oil.  I really enjoy the woody scents and this is a real beauty that smells like fresh cut cedar and pine, it’s a deep and lifting aroma that I find an absolute delight to wear.

I believe that Jen’s has made some great oils here that are well researched and well put together, they sit very well with the brand which you really should go and check out.  The oils add a bit of volume, health and shine to your face fur as well as smelling good too so if your mane needs taming then these will be good for you and I aint lion about that…….I’ll get my coat.

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