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Bukowski Pomades

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You can get yourself the Bukowski Pomades here

I take a minor diversion from my normal face based products and gaze slightly upwards to the hair on my head.  We have a couple of Pomade reviews on this site and I really do need to add some more. I was very excited to learn some time back that I had won a competition and the tin of Original medium hold plus a sneaky sample of the Strong hold were on their way to me. The tins arrived nicely packaged and the aroma that hit me when I opened the envelope was an absolute joy. I find that pomade scents always seems to be incredibly good and though my frame of reference is limited I haven’t found one I do not like.


The Bukowski scents certainly last a long time and throughout the day as you move around you will be treated to delightful wafts that remind you of how sharp you look. The Original has a gloriously deep and almost musky, sweet spice to it from the amber essential that’s incredibly warming and reminds me of a spice market. I’ve never been to a spice market but that’s my guess haha. It’s earthy and definitely masculine and yet it’s delicate and so rather than thump you with power it teases you with its subtlety. The Strong pomade is really something special too with a clean scent that hints at being woody, that’ll be the mahogany essential oil, well balanced and definitely a positive aroma with aromatic spice and a brief citrus hit with a touch of leather. The pomades certainly score high on scent but that’s for nought if they don’t keep your hair in check and your style in place.

Ingredients: soy wax, micro wax, argan oil, lanolin butter, jelly, wax, Essential oil, castorlatum, castor oil, castor jelly, Shea butter, wool fat, pomade.


Both pomades are white and relatively firm and require an assertive hand to extract a good workable piece. It’s by no means solid and much like many other grease pomades, the pleasing thing about this stuff though is that it melts with your finger heat into a clear light grease or oil meaning that application to the hair is quite straight forward. The Strong is slightly stiffer but I don’t notice much of a difference in application with them both easy to comb through and to shape and style your pomp or slick greaser look. Both set well after initial styling and I found that the original was a little more flexible and allowed you to try different styles before its firms slightly. The Strong certainly stiffened but not much more and still allows the comb to go through.


The Original starts off very well holding a pomp but by midday in temperate UK weather it’s tends to drop, there’s not hair all in your face just a noted flattening of your pomp. However if you wear a pomp you are more likely you to choose a firmer product. In terms of a slick back look the Original scores very well for me. I happen to really like the lighter less restricted feel of this pomade so if you are a guy that likes to run his comb like a 50s movie star then check this out.
The Strong hold wasn’t quite strong enough for my needs, it certainly feels heavier but again by midday my early morning hairdryer wrangling seemed lost as my styling had flattened out a bit. It’s not far off the medium and so not a product I had confidence in as a strong hold if I am honest, a touch firmer though and I’m a happy man.

It’s worth a mention that both add a brilliant natural shine to your hair and also feels great to the touch, no signs of stickiness at all. In fact it all feels rather polished and given the quality ingredients used that comes as no surprise. When it comes to washing out the Bukowski pomades they are happily removed without too much drama, just a good soap soak after a little oil to soften and the job is done. After a degrease I did find that my hair felt good too which is always a pleasant bonus.

The Original will definitely be a product that I use in rotation as it’s a lovely flexible and simple daily product made from ingredients that help your hair style and health. If that sounds like your kind of product look up Bukowski Pomades on Instagram or Facebook.

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4 Responses

  1. David says

    Looking good looking good

  2. Wes says

    The beard looks great. I absolutely love the contrasting colors of the moustache/beard. Reminds me of my younger brother, whose head hair is very blond but whose facial hair is very black. Anyway, the pomade looks great in there. I like the shine. Excellent review, as usual.
    You mentioned that, to remove the pomade, a little soap after oil does the trick. What kind of oil are you using?

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Hey Wes, thanks very much. It’s something I learned from my moustache wax removal video. I found that coating the hair with oil breaks the pomade grease down a bit too. Use whatever you have, olive oil or will help and also conditions the scalp and hair

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