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Captain Fawcett’s Eu de Parfum

FineFettle Beard Conditioner

I bring to you the wonderful Eau de Parfum from Captain Fawcett, it came in a package including waxes and beard oil that I received last week.  At the time of writing I was already trialling another wax and beard conditioner so it made sense to put the scent to use.  In conversation with Fawcett he suggested that he could include test phials, yes phials, of the oil and scent I went all giddy with excitement.  There is something about the word phial that has an air of intrigue and mystery about it and this sits well the mysterious Captain Fawcett.

After a particularly lovely shave using Branwens Shave oil I released the phial from the packaging and it made me want to don some khakis and dig about a bit or maybe go and search for the source of the Ubangi myself.  I can neither confirm or deny that I may have held the phial up to the sun whilst some dramatic music played in my head, I studied the petite glass vessel and the  liquid reminded me of my Dad’s Paco Robanne from my childhood.  With high expectation I depressed the atomiser and the scent that filled my nose when the aftershave hit my skin was everything I hoped it would be.   If you are like me and struggle with the way people describe wines “ooh I’m getting a hint of rose petal with an after-taste of a squirrel with a limp” then don’t worry as I cannot do any better than the description you can find in the photo which is spot on.  All I can say is that the scent is incredibly invigorating, refreshing and manly, in fact its a good job I wasn’t going to the zoo as I may have arm wrestled a polar bear while trying to French plait Lion’s mane with my eyes closed!

I got a couple of compliments at work and my wife remarked that it was very nice and smelt a bit spicy and sweet.  It held out well all day and I was impressed that given the weather was very hot and humid the aroma was still with me when I got home after work. I have nothing but praise for this product, the only negative being that its only a phial, which is cool of course, but very soon I will have run out.  Its one for my Christmas list and I think you should add it to yours too, and your Dad’s, Brother’s, Son’s and Uncles etc.

The new Captain Fawcett website is selling this great product and a great number of others too, so go and check it out and tell the Captain  I sent you.


FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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