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‘Care and Styling’

Eating with a beard and moustache

It seems that many guys have a real issue when it comes to eating with their moustache as essentially they end up eating their moustache.  I have some simple tricks here to help in those desperate times and I am certain they will make your life easier.  In following these simple tips and adjustments to… Read More

The Art of Shoe Shine


Shoeshine began as a means of making money from those who found traditional work due to age or education difficult. Known widely as beginning in New York it actually originates from London. Shoeshine UK aim to change this outdated image of shoeshine and have evolved the industry to levels unseen by incorporating patina (colouring of shoes)… Read More

Styling Your Handlebar Moustache

Time to correct the corkscrew

I’m approaching the year anniversary of my handlebar moustache, its been a truly fascinating and liberating experience and one that I recommend anyone taking part in.  Of course there have been times of woe with poor product application, more user error than product fault, days when the mo wont go and even terrible decisions to… Read More



This rather magnificent creature is a Merino Sheep, the breed originally from Spain and over 50% of the different sheep breeds descend from them or are cross breed variants.  In Europe the focus of shepherds and farmers was to improve meat quality but in Australia the sheep have been selectively bred to produce an animal… Read More

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