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Bounder Moustache Wax

Bounder Moustache WaxIMAG0565

Website:   The Bounder Moustache Wax can be found here Price when purchased:      £7.50 Delivery feedback:   I got this wax from a  friend so I cannot comment on the effectiveness of delivery but I can absolutely vouch for the excellent packaging that comes with the wax.  Great attention to detail and slick design… Read More

Vikings Beard Oil and Moustache Wax

Viking (2)

Website: The products can be found here  Gary from Viking beard oils contacted me some time ago and asked if I would be happy to give his products a go, you know me I can’t say no to new face fuzz enhancers and readily accepted his invitation.  The package arrived delightfully well protected and contained the… Read More

The Beard Baron Product Reveiw

the beard baron (1)

Website:  you can get the premium products from the website here  If you have not yet had the pleasure of coming across The Beard Baron then please get yourself ready for an education.  Head on over to the website or to the excellent YouTube channel and you will see that Johnny knows his beard and moustache… Read More

Known Felon Beard and Moustache Range

known felon (2)

Some time ago I reviewed the Known Felon Moustache Wax and good it was too but since then the beard and moustache range has undergone a change and removed the petroleum jelly and gone for all natural ingredients.  The look of the products has also gone through a number of shifts too so you may note… Read More

Ourea Moustache Wax

orea moustache wax banner

Website: Head over to Ourea Grooming for the moustache Wax Price when purchased: £5.50 Delivery feedback:  The waxes arrived with the shave oils very carefully and well packaged Container type/size:1/2 oz metal push fit tin Aroma:  The Ourea Moustache waxes share the same scents as the shave oils and so here is the same info lifted from the Shave… Read More

Father & Sons – Moustache Wax

father and sons banner

  Website: The moustache wax can be found here Price when purchased:  Unsure at time of writing, I shall edit once I get the details through Delivery feedback:  This wax arrived as part of a care package, a nice sturdy box, well wrapped and secure.  Time and care are clearly taken over the posting of item from Father… Read More

Five O’clock Products – Moustache wax

Much better suited to a natural style

Website: The Five O’clock products Moustache Wax can be found here Price when purchased: £3.99 Delivery feedback: Loved the package that this wax came in a hand made well presented box with a great wax seal and a lovely personal type written note as can be seen in the review of the Five O’clock products… Read More

Fellows Essential Gentleman- Moustache Wax

banner FEG

Website:  Head to the fellows Essential Grooming website here for the moustache wax *please note that since the arrival of the package from FEG they have undergone a re-branding and a change to some of their lines* Price when purchased:  £6.99 Delivery feedback:  The wax was packaged in a sturdy, well padded and nicely presented shipping box along with… Read More

1740 HandMade – Moustache Wax

1740 Handmade Moustache wax banner

  Website:  The 1740 Handmade moustache wax can be yours from the store here Price when purchased:   £6.00 Delivery feedback:   I received this some time ago along with the beard balm and it was well packaged Container type/size:  2 oz petal push fit tin Aroma: This has the same scent as the lovely peppermint beard balm and so I… Read More

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