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Craftsman Soap Co. Moustache Wax

Craftsman Soap Moustache wax (1)

  Website:  The Moustache Wax is available here Price when purchased:  £4.50 Delivery feedback:  This wax came in a bundle of products very well packaged.  I have also had a great conversation with Evan, a very nice chap indeed with a great skills set as proved by the Shaving Soap and this wax. Container type/size:  1 oz screw… Read More

Urban Beard – Moustache Wax

Urban Beard Moustache banner

Website: These and the other Urban Beard products can be found here Price when purchased: £8.00 though I received this in The Urban Beard Man Pack Delivery feedback: The whole package came in a tidy, safely packed box and arrived swiftly, I must also note that the communication was excellent from Chris who very generously sent… Read More

The Bearded Bastard Moustache Wax

TBB waxbanner

Website:  I urge you to visit the store and buy some awesome here Price when purchased:   £8.50 Delivery feedback:  The wax arrived well packaged in perfect condition.  Superb communications from Jeremiah, very nice chap indeed Container type/size: 1oz metal push fit tin.  I must draw your attention to the stunning cherry wood laser cut labels. Aroma: Jeremiah… Read More

Cornwall Beard Oils – Moustache Wax

Cornwalls (1)banner

Website:   This moustache wax is available here. Price when purchased:    £8.50 Delivery feedback:    Very well packaged along with the beard oil and arrived very quickly Container type/size:  2oz metal screw cap puck tin Aroma: I have nothing but praise for the scent of this wax, it is a wonderful spruce smell but with a slight sweetness added… Read More

Lucky Scruff – Moustache Wax

lucky scruff wax21

  Website:   You can get this Moustache wax plus other great products here Price when purchased:   £9 Delivery feedback:      very good communications from Lucky scruff, very enthusiastic and helpful.  Package arrived well protected and promptly. Container type/size:   2oz screw top metal tin Aroma: The Holy Moustache wax and oil, which I will… Read More

Fisticuffs Moustache Wax – Lavender

tin (2)banner

Website:  Get the Moustache wax here    fisticuffsmustachewax.bigcartel.com/ Price when purchased: USD $6.85 for 15 grams Delivery feedback: The boxed package came to our dusty horse ranch within 3 days and consisted of the Viking Beard Oil, Lavender Mustache Wax, and the Viking Beard Oil T-Shirt.  The beard oil had leaked a couple of drops but thankfully… Read More

1740 Handmade – Beard Balm

1740 banner

Website: Visit the 1740 Handmade website here 1740handmade.storenvy.com/ Price when purchased:   £5.99 Delivery feedback: Very well packaged and the balm arrived very quickly from overseas Container type/size:  2 oz push fit metal tin Aroma: Its peppermint all the way here, a truly wonderful fresh scent that really lifts your mood.  It’s a feel good, give you a bit… Read More

Known Felon Moustache Wax

Known Felonbanner

Website:  You can get this moustache wax here www.knownfelon.bigcartel.com Price when purchased:    £6.25 Delivery feedback:    Very easy to contact and great communications, the wax arrived well packaged Container type/size:   1oz. metal tin *before I get into this I need to make it clear that this is an older recipe wax.  Known Felon’s future waxes… Read More

Count Justinian Moustache Wax


Website:   The Count Justinian moustache wax range can be found here CJMoustacheWax Price when purchased:    £5.35 Delivery feedback:    Count Justinian was and continues to be a great man to contact, very friendly and helpful with the delivery details and info on the products.  The tins arrived well packaged and pretty quickly considering overseas travel.… Read More

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