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‘Shaving Cream and Soaps’

CraftsmanSoapCo Shaving Soap

craftsman soap banner

This handmade shaving soap came to me from CraftsmanSoapCo after I enquired about samples through the etsy store here,  the owner Evan was incredibly enthusiastic and was happy to offer me this along with his moustache wax which I shall write up for you later.  The package came in a sturdy box and was very… Read More

Bluebeards Revenge – Brushless Shave Solution

BBR banner

Some months ago I had the pleasure of receiving the Brushless Shave Solution from Bluebeards Revenge but its taken me a while to get round to reviewing it, the reason for my tardiness is nothing to do with the product though.  You might be a aware that for some time I have been on the… Read More

Petal Pusher Fancies – Coconut Shaving Soap

visit the site herehttp://www.petalpusherfancies.com/collections/shaving-soap

  So here we have the last of the Petal Pusher Fancies products I have in my ever-growing stash of stuff, I really should think of something more snazzy than “stash of stuff” hmmm, how about grooming accoutrements or groovy grooming gear if you are from the 70s?  So anyway back to the product in… Read More

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