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Cornwall Beard Oils – Moustache Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
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Website:   This moustache wax is available here.

Price when purchased:    £8.50

Delivery feedback:    Very well packaged along with the beard oil and arrived very quickly

Container type/size:  2oz metal screw cap puck tin


I have nothing but praise for the scent of this wax, it is a wonderful spruce smell but with a slight sweetness added from the yarrow and shea butter.  To describe this aroma I would say that it reminds me of a cuddle from a christmas tree whilst eating an ice cream or maybe a woodland walk in a spruce forest with flowers all around you if you are less imaginative perhaps.  It’s a remarkably natural smell that is very calming to me and it’s certainly strong enough to lift my mood without it being overpowering.  The fact it is a very natural scent is no surprise given the all natural ingredients which are :  100% Natural Unrefined Beeswax, Shea Butter, Lanolin, Vitamin E, Yarrow Essential Oil, Spruce Essential Oil


In the tin its a firm product and so I advise its kept fairly warm or warmed up in some way before you use it.  However once at a suitable temperature its pretty easy to get a good size plug of wax to craft your style with.  The wax is slightly sticky on your fingers as you roll it into a ball but its a nice sticky as the all natural ingredients are absorbed or rub off with complete ease.  I tend to use wax very lightly in my centre and then build into the curls and this wax was very easy to apply in all areas.  There was no clumping that I noticed and it spread evenly and worked into the hairs in a most gratifying way, I used the hairdryer and comb out of routine rather than necessity to “make sure” there was no clumping.  I found that in creating the curls the wax pulled into shape very well and the hairs felt nice a silky smooth too.  The slight oily residue went straight into my eyebrows which seem to lately have a life of their own!


I was very impressed with the hold on the curls, the shape of them stayed exactly as I had set them in the morning, no dramas there then.  The centre didn’t quite fair as well on the first wear but that was due to my lightness in application really and so I went just a tad heavier with it after and was very impressed with the function of the wax.  It does everything you want a wax to do, holds the shape without feeling too heavy and is still a little flexible so that your face feels like it still belongs to you and not a ventriloquist dummy.


I urge you to visit the website of l and just read about the love and care that the family put into their products.  Tommy and Briana seek to produce well-balanced, hair and skin care products, that’s right care products, they have put a lot of research into the things that will go onto your face and it truly is a success.  I love very much the fact they source local produce, often foraging themselves and distilling their own ingredients to bring you some top quality, environmentally aware and seeking to remove the need for man-made chemicals. I get the impression Cornwall Beard Oil really do care about your face, it’s not a money-making venture at all as the prices are very reasonable given the fact that everything where possible is hand-made or crafted, even the labels are individually cut on recycled paper.

So the wax itself was a real pleasure to wear, great scent, good hold, it washed out OK and I was pleasantly surprised that my hairs didn’t feel too bad after its use.  I have the beard oil too which I recommend also and shall review very soon but if you want a product made by people with a conscience and a love for nature than swing by the website and tell them I sent you.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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