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Count Justinian Moustache Wax

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Website:   The Count Justinian moustache wax range can be found here CJMoustacheWax

Price when purchased:    £5.35

Delivery feedback:    Count Justinian was and continues to be a great man to contact, very friendly and helpful with the delivery details and info on the products.  The tins arrived well packaged and pretty quickly considering overseas travel.

Container type/size:    1.oz Push fit metal tin


If you quickly head to the store linked above, hang on not yet, I want you to promise you’ll come back!  Ok?  Well you will see a great selection of waxes in various scents with coffee, bay rum, peppermint and sandalwood.  I chose the original, the pine and the dark chocolate out of curiosity more than anything.

Dark Chocolate – I wasn’t entirely sure I would enjoy the chocolate scent but I am very pleased that I have it, as it quite a joy to wear.  From the tin it is deliciously rich and smells of quality dark chocolate, this means that it’s not overly sweet and is actually a very calming and comforting smell.  The aroma lasts all day and I guarantee you will find yourself sniffing the tin or catching the gentle waft of chocolate on  the breeze.  One thing that was a revelation to the senses was in eating a rather good orange, the combination of a burst of citrus in the mouth subtly laced with chocolate was marvellous.

Pine – I am a big fan of woodland smells and this wax certainly delivers on that score and makes me very happy indeed.  The description is a “walk through the forest kicker” and this is the scent through and through.  Assuming there are no health and safety risks if you shut your eyes, you will note that when wearing this wax you can easily find yourself in a deep woodland or maybe a timber yard.  As with the Dark chocolate the scent is not overpowering but strong enough to still be there come evening.  Bravo Count Justinian.


I am at a point now where I can only really use wax on my curls, the centre hairs just don’t respond to it at all so I can only comment on its use in the extremities.  So with that now said I can affirm that this is a very easy wax to apply, from the tin it’s a relatively soft meaning with a gentle push you can get a good-sized glob of wax.  It heats well in your fingers and becomes very soft and malleable allowing for hassle free application to the hairs.  I found that with a swift pinch and pull the wax spread throughout my curls to a nice silky smooth finish.  I saw no reason to grab the comb and hairdryer as I experienced no clumping at all.  I did actually then grab the hairdryer to allow for the styling, the gentle heat further adding to the wax flexibility and then a cold blast to set things firm.


As you can see from the pictures this wax certainly performs well in terms of the style it can achieve and many waxes can indeed create a wonderful look.  The test however comes down to how early it is in the day before you notice things slipping?  Count Justinian has a great balance here, there is enough flexibility in the wax that you don’t feel restricted but its holds for the entire day without any need for extra faffing or titivating.  A good strong wax that would hold your facial topiary in place if you were ambushed by a gaggle of confused hairdressers armed with hairdryers, nuff said!


“A moustache is iconic not ironic”  I love this strapline from Count Justinian, its a clever little play on words for a clever and well-balanced product.  I greatly enjoyed wearing these waxes feeling very confident that my moustache looked as good as it felt.  I got a number of great comments from different people and I think the Count would be very pleased to hear that.  In the name of balance the only negative thing is that due to the petroleum jelly this is a little tough to wash out, a small thing considering how well this wax performs as a daily use.  My moustache felt very good after washing the wax out though and was not affected by drying out or damage to the hairs.

Get yourself to the Count Justinian site and treat yourself and say hi from me.


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