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Cowboy Comb Moustache Wax

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Website:    You can find the Moustache wax here

Price when purchased:   £4.50

Delivery feedback:  I confess that this wax has been sent to me by a lovely bearded gent who struggled to get on with the wax and thought that I could put it through its paces.  As such I cannot comment on the speed or quality of the Cowboy Comb postage and service.

Container type/size:    1/2 ounce metal push cap tin ideal for your pocket or bag.

Ingredients:    Locally sourced beeswax and Shea butter


There is no added scent to this product so it’s just a straight waxy smell with some small whiffs shea butter.  As such it’s completely inoffensive and does not intrude on your senses allowing you to get on being awesome with little no distraction.  This is ideal if you have issue with strong aromas or if you like the scents of other products such as aftershave or pomade that you wear and do not wish for the interference.


A simple wax to apply is quite a trick to perfect but I happen to think that the Cowboy Comb wax is one of the easiest waxes that I have used.  The white wax is simple to extract with the back of your thumbnail and in a few seconds your finger heat has it and an excellent workable consistency, roll it about for a bit and its as soft as you need.  Concentrating mainly on the curls I pinched it into the base and simple pulled it to the tips which coated the hairs well.  I then repeated this to build up the desired amount of wax needed for my moustache and was very impressed at the lack of clumping and speed in which I had created a tip-top moustache tip.  The wax remains pliable enough to allow you to shape it any way you wish and then the cold air of a hairdryer will firm things up and set your style.  The wax as you can see below is great at curls and even fared well in the English style.


I have to say after seeing a promo video of the wax being wind tested I was keen to see if it performed as well for me, partly because I have heard of other solid and well versed moustachioed gents say that the wax failed them.  All has been fine so far with great and simple application but will it manage a day on my face?  Well the answer is yes, though this wax isn’t a rock solid hold it certainly gave me an excellent and confident hold all day long.  I will mention that by the end of the day the areas of highest stress, being the corner of the mouth, began to pick apart slightly with one or two rogue hairs going their own way.


I entered this wax trial with a bit of trepidation, I’d seen the hype but heard some less than positive things, perhaps those that had issue did not follow my styling video or perhaps the weather where they are is a little more extreme than a fresh British Autumn.  For me the wax worked a charm and is one I’m glad I’ve tried, it offers good hold for a daily wax and its simplicity in application makes it excellent to keep about your person in case you need a top up.  The Cowboy Comb website has some other great looking products and if you do decide to buy their wares be sure to tell them you came from here.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner


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2 Responses

  1. Big Craig says

    I have been using the Cowboy Comb Spearmint Beard Wash for some time now and it has been extremely kind to my beard and my skin.

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