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CraftsmanSoapCo Shaving Soap

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This handmade shaving soap came to me from CraftsmanSoapCo after I enquired about samples through the etsy store here,  the owner Evan was incredibly enthusiastic and was happy to offer me this along with his moustache wax which I shall write up for you later.  The package came in a sturdy box and was very well presented but the main thing to hit me was the lovely scent.

My particular scent is the Cedarwood and Eucalyptus and it’s a wonderful fresh clean smell which is both invigorating and refreshing.  The smell is very well balanced and was very keen to get  my face smelling like a Woodsman’s office, you know pine trees, cedar and a little euphoric eucalyptus lift.

When it comes to use this bar soap it is very easy indeed, it lathers up so quickly I almost didn’t notice I had a good brushload within seconds without even trying.  When transferred to my scuttle it whipped up into a strong yet fluffy consistency and went onto my face well.  Initially I did notice that the foam on my face didn’t have the longevity of others I have tried and I had to reapply, thinking maybe I was doing something wrong I check the website and found the answer.  “This soap will perform better if left to soften in warm water prior to use”.  AAh gotcha!  So the next time around I soaked the soap in my usual routine of scuttle, razor and brush all submerged in hot water while I shower.  The results were much better and so with that cleared up lets look at the performance.

With the lather now staying put and not collapsing I could get to the business of shaving, or moustache culturing for those that find the idea of shaving a crime, its a good level of cushioning allowing the comfortable reduction of hairs on the first WTG pass, the blade did not snag and there was zero clogging noticed with the remnants of the razors actions washing off with a quick dunk.  This meant that with each stroke the blade was free and unencumbered to do its job and so resulting in no pulling or cuts.  In the preparation for the second XTG pass I needed to stir a little life into the lather but not as if I was whipping up a  storm.  The second pass was nice and smooth and a real pleasure leaving a very nice close shave with very soft skin afterwards.  The soap rinsed off all equipment easily as well as my face which felt fresh, clean and smooth.  All the while this whole experience is set to the backdrop of the well balanced scent and throughout the day you will get wafts of Cedarwood which is a delight.

So in summary this might not be the most luxuriant shave, or the easiest to use in my collection but yet it is the one I keep reaching for lately on shave days.  I like the feel of my skin after, I tend not to cut myself and its a lovely aroma, I suggest you check out the CraftsmanSoapCo store to see the other delights they have on offer.

Should you be interested the ingredients are as follows :

tallow, cocoa butter, stearic acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, coconut oil, aloe vera, lanolin, glycerin, sodium lactate

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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