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Dandylions – Wax and Beard Oil

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Dandy Lions (3)

The Dandy Lions product range is new on the market but the creative mind behind it is no stranger to the world of facial hair as Jonathan has been leading the way for us blond chaps with a glorious handlebar for some time.  When I first started on my journey Jonathan and his face furniture were someone/thing that I aspired to and his support via the Handlebar Club Forum was of great help to me.  Now thankfully for you Jonathan has extended his expertise and experience into the arena of facial hair products with the hand made Dandy Lions range containing all natural ingredients and represented by moustache wax, beard oil and just recently the beard balm.  I am also under the impression that a soap may be on its way too, which can only be a good thing.

Take a look at the link above to the Dandy Lions page and you will be impressed I am certain of it, the products from the concept, design, marketing and ingredients are most excellent.  The next thing to strike you will be the scent range which on paper looks simply divine and after using the Moroccan Spice Market I am certain the others will live up to their promise.  These include Provencal Herb Garden, Sicilian Lemon Grove, Woodstock and English Rose Garden which will cater for you whatever type of scent you prefer.

So let us first look at the scent of the Moroccan Spice Market which I have for the wax and oil.  ITS PERFECT! The aroma consists of the incredibly well balanced and complex mix of  Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Lavender, Patchouli, Vetivert, Mandarin, Frankincense, Coriander and Ginger essential oils.  Just look at that will you?  Take it in try to imagine what this will smell like, you are smiling right?  I can happily and confidently say that this is one of the best smelling products I have had the honour of putting on my face. It’s a wonderfully positive uplifting and comforting smell that everyone I have shared it with agrees on, its gorgeous.  It’s a sweet smell but has a great depth to it allowing the warmth of the ginger and cinnamon and patchouli to come through while the black pepper and lavender tease your nose with the wonderful spices flitting in and out.  I’ve mentioned before of scents taking your nose on a journey, well this is more of an epic middle eastern quest of wonder.  I think you get the idea, I love it, everyone else loves it You will LOVE it!  There is considerable skill in mixing these oils and keeping it balanced so that no single scent is the main theme, the elements of the blend all come together in symphony to create a truly pleasurable experience that lasts well into the day. I like to give a visual representation of the scents as they have the capability to transport me, its Turkish delight, the sun is setting throwing out amber glowing sweetness while I sip sweet ginger tea. Take me there now please!

Moustache Wax

The moustache wax is made from three simple natural ingredients: Beeswax, Lanolin and Argan oil, which has been perfectly blended.

Container:  The wax comes in a  15ml screw cap metal tin


The wax is a touch sticky at first but soft enough to allow easy extraction, the stickiness is barely noticeable for long though as its softens very quickly, it’s that old friend lanolin doing its job.   On the first day I went quite light with the application and it needed very little special treatment, it goes onto the hairs, easily pulls through them with your comb allowing for even distribution.  In the centre hairs it felt nice and silky with the curls pulling into shape well.  On subsequent days I went in a bit heavier to see what the wax could handle as was surprised at its adaptability.  The hairdryer will allow you to shape out easily and it firms up with the cold setting remarkably well.


I think its fair to say this is a confident medium hold wax, wonderful in the curls and it works well in the centre for me.  It isn’t going to be the competition grade  stuff that some of you might like but I do feel it’s exactly the type or product for the chap who needs something easy to use and to keep things looking tidy and groomed.  The wax worked better when used slightly heavier as a light application saw my natural looking curls some apart a tad by the afternoon but not enough for me to worry about touching up. In the heavier application it was certainly competent holding the high curls you can see below for the entire day, in the park with the kids, the sun and the wind and an ice cream could not shake the styling.

Beard Oil

Ingredientsargan, avocado, hemp and castor oils and the relevant scent oils.

The oil has a great consistency and colour, being a light golden hue with just the right amount of thickness.  The application is very good with the oil absorbing quickly into the hairs with very little being left on your fingers and any that is left does a sound job on the old eyebrows.

Softness- As the oil absorbs so well the effects of the oil can be felt almost instantly, my hairs felt incredible soft and pliable.  The effect lasted a very long time too with the oil nourishing and protecting the hairs for hours after.  The skin benefits from this oil too and so if you suffer from dry skin then you wont be disappointed with the effects of this oil.  I think the clever combination of argan, avocado, caster and hemp oils has completely succeeded giving a high performance oil worthy to grace your bristles.

Shine- I often attribute the shine in an oil to the sweet almond but it seems nobody has told this oil that.  Without the sweet almond and perhaps the hemp or avocado stepping in there is a delightful shine leaving the hairs looking healthy and nourished and was the reason for some complimentary nods and comments.

I do appear to be gushing a bit about these products but I assure you it’s for very good reason.  The range is well researched and relying on quality and not gimmicks.  There was a lovely postcard with a handwritten personal note in a well packaged parcel which to me shows a level of care often overlooked.  Superb quality oil and the moustache wax will work well for most of you out there, the oil works quite well at removing the wax too if you try this.  I hope you decide to make a purchase and when you do be sure to say hi for me, if you fancy buying me the other scents then you wont find me complaining!


FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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