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The Dapper Duke Beard and Moustache

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
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Upon your visit to the most excellent Dapper Duke Wesbsite you will note a couple of things, as per the brand name it’s a slick well put together and well written affair.  Once you have familiarised yourself with the Dapper Duke’s musings you will then notice that there is a fine array of products which luckily for you I will discuss with you know.

 Dapper Duke Moustache Wax

Price when purchased: £7.00 for 15ml glass jar or £5.50 for 10ml pocket friendly sliding tin.

Delivery feedback:  

The Dapper Duke products arrived well packaged and you have to be impressed with the attention to detail throughout, the brand image is certainly one that I like and the bag and wooden tag are exactly as you would expect from a Dapper chap with a regal title, its a really nice touch and would make a decent coaster.

Ingredients: According to the label and the website : Jojoba, sweet almond, argan and pure vitamin e. interestingly no mention of beeswax but I’m certain there is some in here as it’s not a pot of goop. The scent comes courtesy of Nutmeg, bay rum and vanilla.


The Molten Marshmallow is quite something and was first brought to my attention by a chap on Facebook and then as if by magic the Duke began to infiltrate my feeds and timelines in a most pleasant and positive way.  It was the Molten Marshmallow that a number of people seemed to be getting excited about.  Now I have to be honest, I’m not a fan of Bay Rum so I didn’t really think the scent would be for me but as I pulled the jar from the bag like a beard product lucky dip taking off the lid I was really impressed.  The website claims that its “Toasted Marshmallows with a glug of scotch” and that’s not far off the mark in my opinion.  There is enough from the vanilla to take the medicinal edge that troubles me with Bay Rum and the nutmeg adding a sweet note to the spicyness,  in the jar its a delight and it doesn’t disappoint under your nose at all.  The strength of the scent seems a little high at first but it does die down just enough.  I think if you are sensitive to scents this might be a little too much but if you like em big and bold you will love this stuff.


This wax was not the easiest to apply due to the fact that it’s very firm, the neck of the jar and width of said jar combine to make getting a lug of wax a little troublesome. If you have big old sausage fingers I fear it may be tougher still but these factors are something the Duke is seeking to resolve, well not your sausage fingers, you are in your own there haha. Once you’ve got the wax out it requires a fair bit if manipulation to get it to a usable state, hairdryer on warm is a must to soften this wax. With this taken into account care must be observed when getting the wax onto your moustache. I found it best to almost pinch it onto the curl base and then work towards the tip in a pinch and release rather than trying to pull it along. Use the hairdryer to keep the wax soft and begin to soften and shape the curls as you go. It’s not the easiest but with delicate perseverance you can get an absolutely sensational looking moustache. It’s great at whatever style you fancy but the Duke means business so show him the respect he deserves and his moustache wax will reward you with a confidently styled moustache as you can see in the gallery.


Given that the wax is firm in the jar it stands to reason that the wax is firm on your face. It’s a stonker, in fact it’s almost so firm it’s dangerous as my son will attest to whenever I picked him up as I jabbed him with a solid moustache tip. I was really impressed as were the number of people who complimented my face.

I really like this wax, it’s not quite the daily driver that I was expecting and I think it’s better suited to a well practised moustache wrangler. It was a pleasure to wear as it kept my hairs exactly where I wanted them all day. I used my oil technique to soften the wax at bedtime and the next morning I was rewarded with a nice loose but compliant natural looking moustache. The Duke has implied he wants to soften the formula slightly which I think is a good move but it’s only a tiny adjustment needed. I’d hate for that full on hold to be lost its really quite good.

Dapper Duke Beard Oil

The Dapper Duke oils have been quite an interesting ride for me as initially I had a bit of an issue with them.  The primary issue was the fact I couldn’t get the damn stuff out of the bottle which I attribute to the fact that they were possibly overfilled resulting in an air-lock.  To my knowledge air-locks are certainly important in space travel and deep-sea exploration but can be a little tedious when you are not quite awake and dabbing the bottle up and down on your hand like a deranged bingo fan, (they use dobbers in case you are wondering!) However when there is a crisis I am known for my quick thinking and dynamic problem solving, simply remove the dropper cap and hoorah we have oil to use.

Ingredients:  Jojoba, sweet almond, argan and vitamin e plus the scent essential oils

I’ve covered the Molten Marshmallow scent in the wax review and its exactly the same in the oil, wonderful stuff for sure.  The next scent we shall look at is the Gentleman’s Summer which has Sweet Orange, Birch and Lavendin and its a fruity, zesty affair with a nice spicy element.  There is also a feel of earthy warmth, pipe and slippers by the fire stuff that has some subtle smokey notes and its an inviting and comforting sensation.  The other scent might be my favourite, the Orange Fandangle containing Orange, Black Pepper and Myrrh which in an instant reminds me of Terry’s chocolate orange or Jaffa Cakes, the sweet orange hits you and is very uplifting, there is then a soft backdrop of spice and wood.  These two scents on paper may sound similar with their reliance on citrus but there is a clever distinction between the two in the creation of them that enables them to stand alone as separate entities.  Sadly for me all three scents do not last very long at all, the Gentleman’s Summer is fleeting and if I apply it upstairs I am not aware of it by the time I get to the front door, the Orange Fandangle lasts a bit longer with the Molten Marshmallow aroma making itself known at lunchtime still.  I would happily wear the other scents as a moustache wax also should the duke bring them out I would add them to my collection.

When we look at skin and hair conditioning the oils perform relatively well but I must confess that I felt the need to reapply sooner than I do with other oils.  However the hairs felt nice and soft as did my skin and there was a nice shine given to my beard and moustache.

In summary its apparent  the Duke likes orange which is no bad thing of course as the scents are lovely but I feel they need a touch more strength to make an impression and to pack a punch.  The second conclusion is that the wax is a real beauty and finds itself sitting quite high in my moustache wax league table.  If you wish to sample the range or parts thereof then please visit the Duke at his website and say hi from me.


FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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