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Devil’s Choice Moustache Wax – Boston Beardworks

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
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Website:       Visit the Etsy store for Boston Beardworks

Price when purchased:       £6.21

Delivery feedback:     Very good communications and the wax arrived well packaged and promptly

Container:   1 oz push fit tin


This wax smells of the woods, which comes courtesy of the pine sap content, it’s a pleasing warming scent and quite a pleasant smell to have under your nose.  It’s not overly strong in terms of demanding your attention but it does have stamina and lingers for the whole day.  If you like a natural smell this is perfect for you, it’s not complicated in any way but it does not claim to be, it’s a good honest manly smell.


This wax looks unlike any other wax that I have seen or used and this will be the pine sap and lanolin and these ingredient do pose a small problem when it comes to getting it to work.  It is very sticky as you would expect, but if you warm it a little this helps.  Extraction requires a bit more effort but you can get a good-sized lug of wax in one go.  I advise you to use your hairdryer on the wax before you apply it to your hairs or you will lose some, it is very sticky stuff, but with a bit of care it will settle into your moustache well.  This is definitely better suited to the tips and not so much the centre hairs in my opinion because it’s not overly forgiving.  AS you style keep the hairdryer on low heat on that area, this will allow you to pull your moustache into the shape you require, as you can see below it can do a wonderful curls or a straighter English style.  Once you have the shape you require give a quick cold blast which will set the wax firm.


The label on the tin says “Extra Strong Hold for A Sinister Stache” and boy is that right.  This wax is definitely worthy of my “wing walker” status it sets so firm I had genuine concerns for the safety of anyone that happened to get close.  The solid hold still had some flexibility but this is one of the firmest waxes I have tried and I think should I accidentally lock horns with a fearsome beast I could most definitely hold my own.


I must admit I have had this wax for a very long time, the first outing with it was not the best success I have to admit as this was early on in my waxing days, I didn’t really know how to use it to its fullest and so sort of forgot about it.  I have my young son to thank for me retrying it, he pulled the tin out, sniffed it and in his almost 2 year old voice said “nat’s nice daddy, daddy stache?”  How could I refuse such a request eh?  In wearing this I had complete confidence that my hairs were where I left them, it did not budge at all so if you like a very stiff upper lip then this could be for you.  However it is sticky and it’s incredibly hard to wash out, so be mindful that it’s not an everyday use product but if you want to make a statement go for it.  This will take a toll on your moustache and if you were to use it over a prolonged time I would be certain you will loose hairs.  To wash this out I recommend adding some oil, (sweet almond works well) as this will soften the wax, then heat with a hairdryer and very gently comb the product out.  You will then need to use a good beard shampoo maybe a couple of times to remove all of the pine sap.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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4 Responses

  1. hirsuteforhappiness says

    That’s a very good call, Dec choice is one of the hardest setting waxes and also one of the hardest to remove and so makes sense it would stand up well to tropical conditions. Thanks for your input to the site

  2. James Baggett says

    Sounds good but what brand of wax would work in a tropical setting? I have been using Man’s Face Stuff wax off and on when I grow my stache out butsince moving here to the Caribbean it tends to melt fast and leave my handles looking frazzled.

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      That’s a really tough one to answer as living in the UK I can only dream of tropical conditions haha. I do have a couple of moustached friends in hotter places such as Thailand which might be similar to your weather. He has given up on wax and uses hairspray or glue stick. That might sound odd but its a good idea if used correctly, its non toxic and water soluble. Another product I would recommend for you is the Got2beglued, works a charm and sets hard www.amazon.com/Got2B-Glued-6-fl-oz/dp/B000142OC2

      Hope that helps you James and let me know how you get on.

      • James says

        Hi James
        I recently visited the Amazon Rainforest and of the 5 waxes I brought the Devils Choice held up extremely well even those humid hot conditions
        it was the only one that actually stayed in my stache instead of melting out bostonbeardworks.com highly reccomended !

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