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Dali Wax Moustache Wax

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I have to add a little note here, this moustache wax was sent to me by a chap considering to offer it on his website and was keen to have my thoughts on the matter.  Here are my findings…

Website:  It’s tough to find online.

Price when purchased:  £9.00

Delivery feedback: 

The wax comes in a lovely box and has the iconic Dali moustache.  It was well packaged and arrived promptly from the donor

Container type/size:  15gram pocket friendly plastic tub


According to the very limited information this is odourless, not for me it wasn’t.  It smells a bit like glue stick and wax and maybe its my brain getting tricked as it looks like glue stick too.  When you are wearing it however there is next to no smell that I noticed, so if your nose is easily distracted then this will be ok for you.


This is very easy to apply, it’s a bit like a cream as it does not contain any wax, it’s very soft and you can work it into the hairs with your eyes closed.   It does not feel tacky in fact it’s actually very nice to apply.  You can shape your curls and make adjustments as you see fit as the product is very flexible and forgiving.


The hold here is very good indeed, I wouldn’t say rock hard as it’s too flexible for that, this makes it hard to rate in terms of hold.  I found that if my moustache was undisturbed by flailing toddlers or the removal of a jumper my curls stayed in place but in the event they were hit the moustache lost its form.  Thankfully the double-edged sword is that you can of course just bend it back into shape or if you fancy a different style you can reshape within reason.


The wearing and owning of this wax has a certain gravitas owing to the fact that it carries the name of one of the iconic moustache idols, Mr Dali himself.  So not too bad under your nose and a good flexible hold with total ease of application and also its water-soluble meaning that with absolutely no effort it washes out with just warm water.  If its raining hard I would have concerns it really is that easy to remove.

Up until this point it seems quite positive for the Dali “wax” but it’s not all roses though I’m afraid.  I have to use quotation marks around wax because this does not contain wax, it is a chemical marriage between Ceteareth-30, Oleth-05 and water.  The water bit is not something I need to look into or be concerned about and neither should you, unless you are Mogwai of course.  Oleth-05 from what I gather has no major concerns but a quick search for Ceteareth-30 and alarms bells start to ring.  One website for a well known pharmecuticals company says:

Ceteareth-30 is a cleaning agent that can also be found in personal care products including hand creams, body oils, anti-aging treatments and facial cleansers. It can be used to form a sticky gel that allows the cleaner to cling to a surface. Ceteareth-30 is particularly good at removing dirt so it is a good choice for products such as toilet bowl cleaners. There is some debate about this ingredient’s use in cosmetics. However, since we use this ingredient in a toilet cleaning product, and not applied to the skin, we believe it is acceptable for use, and importantly it’s a key ingredient that helps our products give the performance you expect.

pretty worrying stuff I think you’ll agree and then I found this website and I do not claim to understand it all but a moderate to high hazard score depending on its use is something I simply cannot ignore.  It also goes on to say that this should not be used on broken or damaged skin which means in my mind it should stay outside your body.  Imagine if you had a small shaving cut or a spot in your moustache and this stuff got in and it begs the question is it safe if ingested?  Stands to reason that anything you wear on your moustache has the potential to enter your mouth and this is a serious matter of concern for me.  Sorry Mr Dali I do not think I will be wearing this again….

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