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I recently hit the one year anniversary of the moustache, not that any of you remembered sniffle sniffle, but it might surprise you to know that only in the last month have I used a shampoo designed for the hirsute man.  That’s not to say I have not washed my moustache in all that time,  but I have resisted the urge to use shampoo too often as it is known that the use of such a product will strip the hair of its natural oils but that is true for head hair products. I would rely on the water running down my face in the shower and the soap suds from my face soap dredging their way through and the almost fanatical use of the various conditioning products. This was working just fine but I was aware of the beard soap/shampoo market trying to get my attention like the a child in class desperate to be picked, straining and flapping their hand making odd squeaking noises.  I’d could no longer ignore it, plus having read great reviews from  www.titlebeard.com and Grooming and Gaming I looked around.  There are a great number of products available in the USA but I wanted to find something closer to home (UK), after a trip around Etsy.com I found the 100% natural handmade Beard soap from Dr K, which you can find here.

I chose this one as I am a bit of a sucker for a zesty citrus scent and the fact that the ingredients are all natural ranks highly with me as it should you when it comes to the health of your face fuzz.  The communications were excellent and I was happy to receive a reviewers discount code prior to purchase.  The shampoo arrived very quickly and I was genuinely excited to give it a try, the arrival also coincided with the visiting of a friend who happens to be revelling in the joy of growing a beard out, something I admit to missing from time to time.

The both of us tried it over the weekend, though not at the same time of course as I am certain that our good ladies might have become a little concerned over our new found bro-mance and love for one another’s wonderful facial adornments had we showered together!  Even after the first use my bearded friend remarked on how soft he felt, and it was evident that the hairs seemed less curled and poofy.  He remarked on how good the lather was and the scent was a real hit with him.  I was up next and had to totally agree on the scent as its a the perfect wake up to a bleary eyed morning after a night of home-brew and beard talk.  The wonderful clean citrus smell is sweet but not sickly and reminds me of Jelly Babies, no bad thing really.  The lather is fantastic, from very little liquid you get so many wonderful rich bubbles, two finger tips of soap is  more than enough to wash my moustache.  Once its rinsed out there is a definite benefit as my moustache still felt nourished and not dried out as can happen with regular shampoo, the hairs were definitely soft and there was a hint of shine which means the oils had not been totally stripped out.  I found styling easy and the hairs were compliant, not just immediately after but for the rest of the day. The shampoo also works very well at dealing with wax build up, not as a complete solution, there are other methods for that which I will cover later on.

Its a resounding thumbs up from me for this soap and I have no issue at all recommending it even though its the first official facial hair cleanser I have used, if you fancy giving it a try please visit the etsy store and let Dr K know I sent you.


FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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