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Dubs – Beard Balm, Oil and Pomade

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
Dubs beard and pomade (11)

Here’s where you will find the man himself and the comprehensive range of products that he not only puts his name to but puts his mojo into (no products contain bits of actual Mr Dubs!)  If you are not familiar with my site or my activity on social media you will not be aware that I often get asked what my favourite Moustache wax is, my answer every time without question is Dubs Firm Wax and this is supported and echoed by many of the finest moustache wrangling gentlemen out there.  So when I got wind of the new products from Mr Watford in the form of beard oil, balm and pomade I was very excited indeed and equally keen to see if they held up to the reputation of the moustache wax.  So putting my best face forward I set the products to task and gathered my thoughts on them and plan now to convey my findings to you.  In the bag I was very lucky to receive some really cool stickers too and the labelling is in keeping with previous products with a glorious profile shot of Mr Dubs and what I will describe as a psychedelic retro barbershop feel to it.

Beard Balm

Ingredients: Coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, vitamin E, glycerin and essential oil blend.

The tin is a sturdy screw cap and upon its opening you are greeted with a deep and intense scent that is a little hard to pin down at first, you get wood, liquorice and a slight citrus note.  The appearance of the balm is quite pleasing being a natural light wax almost butter-like colour.  As you push your thumb nail in its quite firm and offers a bit of resistance and instantly alludes to the fact that it will offer some good hold, it melts surprisingly well and there is a brief moment where you can feel grains which I experience with most Shea butter products and so was not alarmed.  As the balm yields to your finger heat it gives a thick clear syrupy beard ready product.  Stroking through is easy enough and with care you can get a good covering, I then use a wide tooth comb to distribute and then my boars hair brush to settle things in place and the results are pretty pleasing.  The overall feel is good, the balm doesn’t feel overly heavy but there is a distinct glossy look and feel with the hairs being coated in a rich product.  The level of control wasn’t quite as I would like which may not sound ideal but this is down to one encouraging fact in that my beard felt and looked extra thick.  As you can see in the pictures I don’t really need a boost in that department but having my beard even thicker and fuller was admittedly pretty cool and so if you want a boost in that department this might be the product for you.  The balm coating last well into the afternoon and I was confident that my beard was well hydrated, protected and feeling soft.  As I mentioned earlier the scent has a very clever little adventure under you nose, assuredly masculine but not too punchy and I really do like it, it’s certainly a natural aroma and yet I get something else from it that I cannot put into words, I think it’s the leather aspect that throws me, try to think of a shoe shine in a citrus forest and that might come close.

Beard Oil

Ingredients: Jojoba, castor oil, EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), Sweet Almond Oil, Glycerin, Essential oils

The oil comes in a dark amber dropper free bottle with the same design label as the Beard Balm so gets a thumbs up from me on that front.  When I first glanced at the ingredients I thought that Mr Dubs had found a mystical new ingredient from some far away island, EVOO.  I was saying it over and over in my head “EVOO, EVOOOO, EEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I had visions of my impending internet discovery telling me about an ancient and long-lost tribe that used the mysterious EVOO to appease their gods, I have to admit to being a little disappointed and feeling a little foolish when I discovered it was the acronym for Extra Virgin Olive Oil as I had never heard of it referred to as this.  With my new knowledge in hand I gave the bottle a shake and opened the lid and was greeted with the familiar scent I have described above “that’s good I thought” and carefully poured some onto my finger tips.  Given the order in which the ingredients are listed it was no surprise that the oil was very thick indeed, without fail the thickest beard oil I have used, I found it to be very sticky too, this is no doubt the presence of castor oil.  Upon application I felt I needed a considerable amount of work to get the beard well and truly coated but this is not a bad thing as one thing we should all know by now is that there is no rushing to be had when it comes to bearding, its all about time and patience.  So after a few minutes working the oil in and getting to know my beard I could feel the oil sitting on my skin and hairs, it did not feel heavy, just there.  This is in part due to ingredients that are thick but that also take a while to absorb, still 10 minutes later it was evidently still there but felt lovely and soft and thick.    Well into the day my beard felt as though it had a coating of oil to the touch but the skin feel had gone leaving a light hydrated feel.  I got a number of great compliments about how big and how shiny my beard looked with the hairs plumped somewhat, one person told me “it looks like you’ve got a pillow under your chin” as it was that thick and dense looking.  The scent much like above lasted well into the day and was pleasant and a little energizing, I felt a positive effect from it and as such found myself using it if I was about to go to the gym or needed pickup.

I enjoyed using both the Dubs beard products individually for a boost to the size of my facial hair and the nice soft feeling, where they left me wanting a little was the control element but then sometimes size does matter.  I feel that if you have a straighter beard or you want to pump the beard up a bit you might find these products to your liking, they may not suit those of you that like a lighter finish though as these as I have said are on the thicker heavier side.

It’s also really nice to use both balm and oil together for a super slick hydrated beard and if you are someone who works in an environment that dries out your beard or feel it needs a shield, or find your facial hair to be super dry then the Dubs products may offer you prolonged protection and hydration throughout the day. Give em a go!

Dubs Pomade

Ingredients:  Beeswax, Glycerin, Lavender oil, Essential oils, Coconut oil, Shea Butter.

So the dubs pomade shares the same label design as the moustache wax and this is due to the fact that it plays lavender high in the order and yet it doesn’t smell exactly like the lavender moustache wax, but a cross between that and the beard balm perhaps the crossover ingredients might be the cause of that? It also bares a remarkable similarity in appearance to the moustache wax and is almost has a dry putty or clay look to it.  This all changes however if you dig in and get it to work as the thick resistant product melts very quickly to a usable form.  This product certainly spreads well and is easy to comb through leaving a very shiny and slick appearance and very much suited my hairstyle early on in the trial period and even my cut now.  I really liked how after blow drying my hair into an informal pomp (for want of a better description) the Dubs Pomade allowed me to still retain that look without flattening it down.  As the day drew on I found that the hold dropped a little but in such a way that I was left with a natural looking floppy relaxed style, so much so I started to finger style with it to create a more simple and natural look in the mornings. The aroma was really nice ad I notice when bending down and getting upright I would get a delightful waft of the lavender and what I perceive as liquorice, really clean and pleasant.  Another massive boon to this pomade is that I didn’t need a bucket of soap to get it out, after a general light soap rinse my hair actually felt wonderful and soft. Yet another positive aspect for me was the fact that I could leave the product in for a couple of days and not feel the need to reapply and for these reasons its become a keen favourite and I regular rotation.  If you like a slick and natural light feeling pomade this is certainly for you and may not be for the die hold greasers out there but give it a go as it affords some hold and keeps any frizz or flyaway hair well under control as well as being able to create a decent and well-groomed appearance.

I hope this review has been of use to you and that you give these products a try, head to the link up the top there and show Mr Dubs Some love.


FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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3 Responses

  1. Patrick says

    Hi, two questions.

    With the beard balm do you apply it to your beard when it’s wet or dry?

    Is the beard balm strong enough to fully control the beard or do you still need to straiten it after washing with a hair dryer etc?

    Great beard btw.

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Hi Patrick, thanks for the question. I think everyone has a different idea but I prefer to dry my Beard and style it with the hairdryer then apply products, you can see that in my latest video youtu.be/OqvHZv2epgk

  2. Williammib says

    This video post is really enormous, the sound feature and the picture feature of this tape post is in fact amazing.