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Dubs Strong Moustache Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
Dubs (4)


Dubs was here is here

Price when purchased:  £7.50

Delivery feedback:  Nicely packaged and speedy delivery.

Container type/size:  1.3 oz screw cap tin


Very pleasant aroma, lavender is in there for sure.  I found the scent incredibly good, it was not too intrusive but I got a gentle reminder throughout the day that I had something lovely under my nose.


When I opened the tin I was a little shocked, it reminded me of wool fat and unlike a “normal” wax.  Its soft a bit like a putty and incredibly easy to work with, the extraction was easy with no need to warm the wax and rolling the wax into a ball on my fingers was very easy.  I noted no grease or residue on my fingers and given the colour it went into the hairs well with no clumping and seemed to disappear.  I used the hairdryer on a low heat to aid even coverage but it all went rather well indeed.  I was able to pull whatever style I wanted and setting the style was very easy.


This wax is really good in terms of hold, over the two review days it was subjected to some serious heat followed by a day of rain and high humidity.  On both counts the style held well all day and into the evening, during and after a full day at work I was confident that my moustache was exactly as I had styled it in the morning.  I suffered no hairs slipping into my mouth and both the curl or the straighter English style had not budged at all.  I think this wax is a certain wing walker wax. Chocs away!


My initial concerns over the appearance of this wax in the tin were quickly gone as it was a joy to use.  It gave me a great deal of confidence and I certainly didn’t feel the need to keep checking my face for loose or stray hairs.  I did find myself preening though because my moustache felt incredibly good, nice and soft and as I pulled the tips I would get a wave of the glorious scent.  It was very easy to wash out in the evening leaving things feeling soft and nourished.  The wax contains glycerin and bicarbonate of soda which I have not seen listed in any other waxes, not sure what job they serve but the overall effect is a well balanced, flexible yet firm wax with a good scent.  Get the to the website and tell them I sent you.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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  3. Gram says

    linky no workee. Came here from your YouTube. FAncy trying Dubs but as yet can’t find the UK website…

    • hirsuteforhappiness says

      Hi gram, its most likely the website that was selling it is not out of stock or defunct. Thanks for letting me know I’ll look into fixing a link asap

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