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Father & Sons – Moustache Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
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Website: The moustache wax can be found here

Price when purchased:  Unsure at time of writing, I shall edit once I get the details through

Delivery feedback:  This wax arrived as part of a care package, a nice sturdy box, well wrapped and secure.  Time and care are clearly taken over the posting of item from Father and Sons

Container type/size: 1oz push fit metal tin


The wax does smell very earthy and sweet, both the beeswax and candelilla wax are certainly present when you breath in and perhaps its suggestion from the ingredients list but I do get the sweetness of the honey and an earthyness from the clay.  This is a gently scented wax with a really pleasing aroma, it’s a bit like fudge under your nose but it is most pleasant indeed.


The wax feels very firm in the tin and it gave me the impression of something a little “rubbery” this will no doubt be due to the unique blend of organic ingredients that have been whipped, yes whipped together. Once on your finger tips the wax reacts quickly to your body heat softening nicely.  To apply to your hairs I advise caution as it needs a specific technique if you go too softly it will not really go anywhere as it has a kind of substance to it which is its key to a good hold. There is an elasticity to it that needs a firm touch and so try a little harder until you feel the hairs getting coated.  I did use a hairdryer on low heat to aid the styling and pinched and pulled the wax out to the tips.  An additional topper of wax to the tips and then setting the shape is easy with the aid of hot then cold air blasts from the dryer.


This has a wonderful hold and is very adept at pulling of some adventurous styles which will stay put all day.  Its pretty rigid without being so rock solid that you are fearful it might snap if you are anything like me and catch it on door frames haha!  You can see from the pictures below that whether it’s a straighter imperial style or a solid curl this wax can hold things nicely in place.  There was no issue with the shape failing or hairs falling out of place.


I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by this little tin, it contains a lot of ingredients that I have not seen before (see the picture below) and so I was unsure how things would go.  The application does need a deal of care but if you take your time then you will have a superb looking and well-behaved lip warmer.  I didn’t have any issue with washing this out (see this video) and the tin would last some time as little is needed to craft a good and confident style.  I think that this is far better suited to the longer moustache and those that have more experience with waxing and I wouldn’t  want to cut my teeth on this stuff as it were.  Make sure you check out the Father and Sons website to learn more about the companies drive to provide the hairy man with high quality organic face care and grooming products.


FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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