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Fellows Essential Gentleman- Moustache Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
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Website:  Head to the fellows Essential Grooming website here for the moustache wax

*please note that since the arrival of the package from FEG they have undergone a re-branding and a change to some of their lines*

Price when purchased:  £6.99

Delivery feedback:

 The wax was packaged in a sturdy, well padded and nicely presented shipping box along with the beard oil range, the package arrived swiftly and very good communication from FEG

Container type/size:  15ml Screw cap tin


Ylang Ylang might not be everyone’s cup of tea as its quite sweet and a rather strong almost pungent scent, however the scent lasts all day and some.  I wore it to London for the day and it was the perfect scent to hide the dirty grime and fast food fugg that London seems to assault me with.  I have complete confidence in the new scents that are available based on my trial of this wax and also the rather pleasant beard oil scents so if you like the look of the current Moustache wax range from FEG  then I suggest you try them.  At the time of writing the scents available are, Sweet Vanilla, Sweet Vanilla and Lemon and Peppermint and the Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood. 


I am pleased to on for you that this wax is incredibly workable, its scrapes out very well indeed and the small ball of wax warms very easily in your finger tips.  I was able to lightly crayon it in the centre and then add a little more to pinch out the curls, I used the hairdryer and a comb to spread the wax evenly through and was really pleased with the ease at which I was able to coat the hairs with the product.  It leans itself well to a relaxed curl if you apply light and comb the ends out a touch or you can go thicker with the application for tighter curls.  The wax set well with a cold blast and was almost invisible on the hairs, I noted no greasiness on my fingers at all and it was a pleasure to work with and means that there is little trauma to the hairs. I found I had to make sure that I applied enough at the base of the curls to stop them pitching forward and hold the curls to prevent corkscrewing so if your moustache is prone to that I suggest you take care with application in that area.


Its states on the tin as a Firm hold and while it’s not rock solid it certainly stays exactly how you set your moustache. As I said I went to London and we were on the go for a full 12 hours and on the journey home with tired children and tired legs my moustache seemed to be the only part of me that had any pep.  I did find on the first few days application where I always go light that the curls pulled apart towards the end of the day but get enough of the wax on and this is not an issue at all.  It’s a good hold that should keep most moustaches under control.


So here we have a very well-balanced product that is easy to use and has a good deal of hold yet it’s also a little forgiving too.  If I knocked my moustache, which is happening more lately due to my wingspan the FEG wax held well but also allowed me to reshape the damage like a panel beater fixing a little dent.  The scent is good as are the others in their range and the hairs did not suffer at all it also washed out quite easily too.  Fellows Essential Gentlemen are a company that are making some truly wonderful products and clearly looking past the beard/moustache product market, they are aware that the hirsute gent might like some other comforts and treats such as soaps, combs, sunglasses even.  I predict bigger and better things for the range so make sure you are nearby when they take off.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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